Born 25th January 1911 - Died 8th January 1982



The son of Gerald Lachlan Porter, he was born 25th January 1911 and died 8th January 1982. He married Barbara Mary, the daughter of Ernest Robert Caldwell Wyatt on 1st September 1939. They had children:

1 Kenneth Michael Lachlan, born 8th October 1940.
2 Martin St George Lachlan, born 27th March 1942.
3 Christopher John Booker Lachlan, born 6th September 1946.
4 Hugh Charles Wyatt Lachlan, born 29th March 1948.
4 Camilla Frances Elizabeth Lachlan, born 29th August 1951. On 8th January 1977 she married Charles Richard Thorp.