Baptized - Buried 9th February 1708


A son of Edmond Jacob of Buxhall, he was buried at Thurston 9th February 1708. On 14th February 1686 he married at Rougham Margaret Moore, who was buried at Hodfield 17th February 1744. They had children:

1 Francis, baptized at Thurston 5th March 1687, buried there 3rd June 1700.
2 Mary, baptized at Thurston 2nd September 1688.
3 Edmund, baptized at Thurston 26th June 1691, buried there 3rd October of the same year.
4 Margaret, baptized at Thurston 26th November 1692. In 1719 she married John Hammond.
5 Edmund, baptized at Thurston 23th February 1694, buried there 1st November 1740. He married Susan Crane.
6 Elizabeth, baptized at Thurston 14th May 1697, buried there 10th October 1717. She married Robert Betts.
7 John , baptized at Thurston 22nd August 1701, buried 7th June 1784.


Pedigree compiled by Trevor Walker Jacob
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