Born 1st January 1855 - Died 10th September 1929


William Henry Jacobs Juliana Jacobs


Of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, he was a son of Isaac Abraham Jacobs. He was born 1st January 1855, and died 10th September 1929. On 23rd December 1883 he married Lydia Juliana Dein, daughter of Adam Dein, a German Protestant immigrant, and his wife Juliana Knor, who were both residents of Bathurst. They had children:

1 Emile Arthur,born 12th July 1884, died in June 1956.
2 Herbert Elmore, born 7th December 1885, died 6th March 1961.
3 William Henry, born 15th May 1888, died 13th July 1888.
4 Wilhelmina Gertrude, born 15th July 1889, died in 1978. She married James Stanis McIntyre, leaving a son Ronald McIntyre.
5 Miriam Ida, born 28th December 1891, died 11th May 1977. She married Carl Drayton.
6 Leslie Arnold, born 1st May 1894. He married 1st Dorothy Elsie Pride, and 2nd Kathleen Lydie Grace Arentz.
7 Lydia Vera, born 15th December 1897, died 17th January 1988. She married 1st James Horace Ivan and 2nd Reginald Wright.
8 Evelyn Lucy, born 6th November 1900, died 14th May 1941. She married William Harrison.
9 Doris Ruth, born 17th November 1903, died 17th July 1994. She married 1st Edward Hawke, and 2nd Conrad Frederick N Richardson.


Pedigree compiled by Dr Matthew Glozier.