Born 16th February 1881 - Died 14th December 1965


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A son of Stephen Jacob, he was born on 16th February 1881, died on 14th December 1965. In 1913 he married Dorothy Steel, younger daughter of Charles Denton Steel and Fanny Sophia Steel. They had no children.

He is believed to have been educated at Dulwich School. He went out to India to work with the British India Steam Navigation Company and their associated agents Anderson Green around 1900. He is known to have worked initially in Calcutta with Sir William Currie, later chairman of the P&O Group, in Colombo during the First World War and then as Manager at Tuticorin in SE India in the 1920’s.

They returned to England in 1930 and lived in a succession of houses. in St Albans in the 1930’s. before moving to the Red House in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, in approx 1942, together with Dorothy’s brother and sister.

On Dorothy (Dot)’s death after a long illness dominated by Parkinson’s disease in August 1960, Charles moved to Southend where he lived with and/or close to Laurence Frank Steel, his nephew by marriage, until his death on 14 December 1965.

He spent his long retirement doing physics and sound/music research among other things.

Charles Theodore Jacob


Information supplied by Maria Craigie.
Information and partial text supplied by Theo Steel.