Born in 1961 -




The only son of Septimus Gordon Jacob, he was born in 1961. He has a sister Ruth, born in 1960. He married Annette Ambrey; they have no children.

David began to study music at a young age, in 1966 in fact. He was a choirister at King's College, Cambridge in 1970 - 1974. He attended King's School, Canterbury as a King's and Music Scholar 1975 - 1978; he studied bassoon and double bass. He sang counter-tenor in Canterbury Cathedral Choir, and played in youth orchestras and Jazz groups. He studied orchestration and composition under the composer Alan Ridout.

In 1979 he began working for a BSc in Engineering at Queen's College, London. He was a founder member of early music consort Musick's Movement, playing recorder, violin and singing.

In July 1981 he left college to work at Basing Street Studios as a tape op. His first engineering job, in September 1981, was for the sondtrack of the live recording of 'The Secret Policeman's Other Ball'. Other works in which he was involved include Madness's 'House of Fun', 'Driving my Car', Level 42 singles, Alexie Sayle 'Allo John Gotta New Motor. He engineered Modern Romance's 'Adventures in Clubland', various Scritti Politti singles, Ian Drury tracks and many others.

In 1983 he joined Advision Studios as house engineer. From 1984 he worked as both Advision's senior engineer and as a freelance. His many projects during this period included Mixing for the Tube Television program and working on Film Soundtracks. He most notably worked as engineer and producer for the Pet Shop Boys.



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