Born in 1844 - Died in 1898



A son of Lieutenant-Colonel James Hunter, he was born in 1844 and died in 1898. On 10th October 1868 he married at St Paul's Church, Poona, Agnes Maria, one of five daughters of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Augustus Moyle and Laura Simpson. C A Moyle was the son of John Grenfell Moyle FRCS, who had been president of the Medical Board in Bombay. He had as far as I know at least four children:

1 Douglas.
2 Walter James Henry, born 25th January 1871, died 22nd March 1956.
3 Lilian Augusta Alice Henrietta, born 21st September 1872, died in 1903. She married Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Fenton Jacob.
4 Gerald.

He joined the Indian Army and subsequently moved into the political department of the same. In the period 1884 - 20th July 1887 he was political agent in Somaliland then administered by the British out of Aden. On 11th December 1884, a Major at the time, he signed the Gadabursi Treaty with the Warsangali in Somalia. He was Governor of Somalia in 1887 - 1888. He was also acting resident at Aden in 1885.

A masonic jewel or medal attributed to his father (see his page), was almost certainly Frederick's. It shows he reached a high degree in the craft of masonry.


Douglas, Gerald and Lilian.
Douglas, Gerald and Lilian.


Frederick's wife with Douglas and Lilian.
Frederick's wife with Douglas and Lilian.




Image courtesy of Steve Coulton



Images of painting and medals courtesy of Aberdeen Medals.

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