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He married Diana Middleton, the only child of Charles Middleton, the First Lord Barham and Helen Dundas. They had children:

1 Charles, afterwards Lord Barham and later Earl of Gainsborough.
2 Reverend Gerard Thomas.
3 Horace, born in 1783, died in 1807.
4 Henry Robert R.N., born in 1784, died in 1800.
5 William Middleton, born in 1789. He married A Yates, daughter of John Yates Esquire of Clanna Falls, Gloucestershire.
6 Frederick, Captain R.N., who married Mary, daughter of W Woodley.
7 Reverend Francis, born in 1793.
8 Berkeley, born in 1794.
9 Leland.
10 Baptist Wriothesley.
11 Louisa Elizabeth, who married William Henry Hoare. She died in 1816. They had a daughter who married A Kinnaird.
12 Emma, who married Stafford O'Brien of Blatherswycke Park, Rutland, and died in 1873.
13 Charlotte Margareta, who married 1stly in 1813 J Welman of Poundsford Park.
14 Augusta Julia, who married J G Babington of Poundsford Park.
15 Juliana Hicks, who married Reverend Samuel Phillips.



A manuscript in a late 19th century hand (Jacob MSS)


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