Born - Died 25th October 1890


A coal miner in Essen, Germany, he died on 25th October 1890. On 11th November 1854 he married Agnes Diedrichs. She was born on 15th August 1834 and died on 5th November 1903. They had nine children, seven of whom pre-deceased their mother. The surviving issue were:

1 Anna, who married Theodor Brinkman
2 Heinrich Theodor Ruhrmann.
3 Wilhelm.
4 Gertrude, who married ----- Enkemeier.
5 Maria

There exists a contract made at Wattenscheidt, Essen, 3rd November 1903 (Jacob MSS). There were three principal parties to the contract, Agnes Ruhrmann (nee Diedrichs), her son Heinrich Theodor Ruhrmann, her daughter Anna Brinkmann (nee Ruhrmann) and her husband Theodor Brinkmann. Anna and Theodor Brinkmann agree to take Agnes into their care, feed and house her for the rest of her days. In return for this all her property, corporeal and incorporeal, would be granted to them upon her death. An important part of this property was land. According to my mother this constituted a valuable farm near the Dutch border. After her death Gertrude was to receive 500 Marks, her sister Maria 900 Marks and Heinrich 1100 Marks. According to my mother Heinrich received a Gold 20 Thaler coin in lieu of the 1100 Marks; she told me her parents had felt very bitter about this, as they felt Heinrich had been duped by his sister. Apparent from the contract is that Agnes was in receipt of an 'invalidity' pension and her son William an accident pension. Perhaps he too had also been a miner who had been involved in an accident.


Jacob MSS (Correspondence, Ahnentafel etc)