Born in 2nd July 1958 -



He is the son of Harold Alaric Jacob and Kathleen Byron, born on 2nd July 1958.

Jasper went to Cambridge where he studied music. Subsequently he turned to the stage. As a child actor he appeared with great success as Christopher Robin in the stage version of Winnie the Pooh. In later years he has had many parts on television. My personal favourite was the part of the priest in "Never the Twain" starring Donald Sinden. For a full listing of all the films in which he has appeared, please check the various filmographies on the internet.

Jasper's partner is Cheryl Kennedy the actress, born on 29th April 1947. She appeared in numerous West End musicals and films, notably the 1967 revival of The Boy Friend, The Seven Deadly Sins and in the Dick Emery film Ooh...You are Awful, playing the part of Jo Mason. In 1973 she married actor Tom Courtenay; they later divorced. She continues to appear occasionally on television, but mainly works as a theatre director and drama teacher.

Jasper and Cheryl have two children:

1 Augustus Kennedy
2 Clarissa Kennedy

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