Born 23rd August 1774 - Died 30th June 1857


The son of Jeremiah and Chloe Abbott, he was born in Wilton, New Hampshire, USA, on 32rd August 1774, and died there on 30th June 1857. On 30th January 1800 he married, in Wilton, Eunice Blanchard, the daughter of Joshua Blanchard and Elizabeth Keyes. She was born on 6th June 1778 in Wilton, and died there on 4th January 1850. They had children:

1 Eunice, born in Wilton on 4th September 1803, and died 24th October 1867.
2 A son, unnamed, born in Wilton on 12th May 1806.
3 Lydia, born in Wilton on 12th May 1806, and died 5th March 1860.
4 Jeremiah, born in Wilton on 10th July 1808. He married Eliza Campbell in Windham, New Hampshire, on 18th September 1834.
5 Chloe, born in Wilton on 29th May 1810, and died on 17th April 1833.
6 Amos, born in Wilton 2nd June 1812, and died in Ryde, the Isle of Wight, England, on 124th April 1889.
7 Hermon, born in Wilton on 20th February 1814, and died on 17th November 1878 in Wilton.
8 Abigail, born in Wilton on 21st July 1816. She worked as a teacher in Wilton and Andover for many years.
9 Isaac, born in Wilton on 26th July 1819, and died on 11th January 1857.
10 Elizabeth, born in Wilton on 9th July 1821, and died on 26th January 1903.