Born 18th March 1846 - Died 16th March 1926


He was born on 18th March 1846 in Fitzroy, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand, and died on 16th March 1926 in Te Kuiti, New Zealand. He was the son of John Old and Mary-Jane Knuckey. He married Margaret Morton on 22nd September 1878 at Napier, New Zealand. She had been born in 1857 in Scotland, the daughter of Henry Morton and Margaret Bowden, and died on 2nd August 1908 in New Plymouth.

They had children:

1 Thomas Morton, born 18th May 1878 in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, died on 23rd June 1939 in Waihapa Road, Pukengahu, Stratford, Taranaki.
2 Margaret, born 10th August 1879 in Tikorangi, died in July 1962 in Queen Street, Te Kuiti; she married Lionel Le Grand Jacob.
3 Harold, born 30th October 1880 in Waitara, Taranaki, died in 1908 in Hamilton, Waikato; he marruied Ellen Curd.
4 Charles, born 8th November 1881 in New Plymouth; he married Florence Nora Purdie on 19th August 1909; she was born on 27th April 1886, died ohj 13th August 1973.
5 Katherine, born on 18th January 1883 in Waitara, died in 1971. She married Charles Stanley Roberts in 1905; born in 1878, he died in 1961.
6 Arthur Graham, born 27th January 1885 in Waitara, died 28th June 1976 in Otorongha; he married Sarah Jane Pullen, born in 1883 in NSW, died in 1973.
7 Annie Valentine, born 12th November 1886 in Waitara, died on 28th September 1970; she married Frank Crofton Armstrong on 2nd June 1908.
8 Andrew, born 20th January 1890 in Waitara, died on 5th March 1975 in New Plymouth. He married Nellie Purdie in 1924, she born on 15th June 1882, died in 1961.
9 Rubie, born on 4th October 1891 in Waitara, died in 1984 in New Plymouth. She married John Lidderdale Purdie in 1914, born 1890 in New Plymouth, died in 1979.
10 Morton, born 15th March 1893 in Waitara, died in 1913 in Te Kuiti.
11 Ethel, born 20th February 1895 in Waitara, died in 1992 in Waihi, New Zealand. She married Frederick Havelock Evans in January 1920, born in Hastings, New Zealand in 1920 , died in 1958 in Waihi, New Zealand.
12 Richard, born 13th September 1896 in Waitara, died between 1988-1989 in England. He married (1) Denise after 1910 in England, died in England. Married (2) Elsie Webb after 1910 in England. Died in 1899 in Tikogangi.

He marriedly thirdly Adelaide Roberts on 24th November 1914 in Wairoa, New Zealand.