Born in 1905 - Died on 22nd June 1984


Lionel and his family. From left to right:
Richard, Brenda, Beth, Lionel (Jack), Constance (Connie), Donald and Carol.

A son of Lionel Legrand Jacob, he was born in 1905, and died on 22nd June 1984 in Tauranga, New Zealand. He married Constance Erskine Buckland on 22nd November 1933 at Frankton, Hamilton, New Zealand. They had children:

1 Donald Steuart Le Grand, born at Te Aroha 20th July 1935.
2 Richard John Le Grand, born at Te Aroha 5th May 1937; he married Molly Haddon.
3 Margaret Carol, born at Te Aroha 2nd July 1940; she married Maurice Ivan Wilson.
4 Constance Beth, born at Te Ahora 19th September 1942; she married Russell Fairbairn.
5 Brenda Mary, born at Te Ahora 20th August 1949; she married firstly Dennis Setters.

Both Lionel and Constance were buried at Tauranga, New Zealand.


Information supplied by Thomas Patrick Jacob, New Zealand.
Sketch family tree from papers of Sir Ian Jacob (Jacob MSS).