Born 5th December 1820 - Died


A son of Reverend Henry Boyce DD, he married Jane Vivian, the only daughter of the Reverend William Woolcombe. They had children:

1 Arthur Courtenay Woolcombe, born 19th April 1852, late Lieutenant 49th Regiment.
2 Mary Vivian, who married E Alan Jackson. They had sons Alan Vivian and Hugh Woolcombe.
3 William Frederick Reynolds MA, born 20th December 1857, who had a son Kenneth.
4 Anne Elizabeth Jacob.
5 Hugh Woollcombe, born 20th March 1861,who had a daughter Marjorie.
6 Julia Reynolds.

A graduate of Trinity College Cambridge, he was rector of Elkstone, Gloucestershire. He assumed the additional surname and arms of Woollcombe by Royal License dated 25th August 1899.


A pedigree compiled by a member of the Jacob family, from notes supplied by a 'Mrs Carruthers' (Jacob MSS).