The following accounts, receipts and disbursements of the churchwardens of St Mary Bredman parish in Canterbury are for the most part fragmentary. Written on paper, many are also in poor condition, some of the text faded and many fragments lack text. I have arranged them chronologically.

The a counte of Thomas Whinirets(?) churchwarden for money received upon this sease of the parish of sainte Mary Bredman, and for other duties belonging to the church and for mony laide out at the visitation the 7 of April 1616 and at other several times until this present day being the 21 day of April 1617.
In primis for delivering in a bil when were sworen 1 / 4
more paid to master bissel for writing of a bil 1/-
more paid to master bissel at the visitation for his diner 1/-
more paid to the churchwardens and too the said men at the
said visitation 4/-
more for one bok(?) of which board and small board 9d
more paid to master Bissel for writing another bill 1/-
more paid to master Edwards for writing of bal of presentments 1/-
more spent when we wente the bouns of the parish 4/1
paid for a new door and a paier of henges where master
Colfes ------ did set 1/1
more paide for halfe a daies work
----- ----- ----- the church poles paid ----- for his holle years
wages for washinge of the church linen
paide more to the ----- for mending of the surplus
paid for a ----- for the little bel 1d
paid for a ----- for the little bel 1d
paid for delivereng of the other bell 1d
paid more to master bisle four his diner 1/-
more paide for writing of another bil 1/-
more paid for ----- master sabines and mending the bechiche porche
more paid for ----- and nails for the -----
paid to the carpenter for a daies worke and nails to mend the -----
of the great bell
more paid to the carpenter for ----- 1/4
paid to the masson for work ----- south side of the church
paid for -----
paide to master -----

On dorse
More for a ----- cloth for the communion table 7/2
paid for to yard and half of greene broad cloth 20/-
more for silke fringe and lace and making of the pirl porch cloth 3/4

The whole sum received is £4/7/5
And the whole sum laide out is £4/7/7

Last yeare cash £1/12/6
one sess £7/13/0
Received £9/5/6

crave and allowance 3/9
for a prayer booke 3/9
Edthridge bill 17/9
Disburst £9/6/0

May 24 1712
for mending the glass in St Mary Bredman church by the order of Mr Hall churchwarden
for 5 large squares and 12 little squares 3/6
Received of this bill by me Wm Blogg

1712 the churchwardens Bill of St Mary Bredman a count of wine
May the 29 left to pay 1/-
for fower communion £1/4/0
Sum is £1/15/0
Aprell the 2 1713 recvd in full p m Sarah Garratt

The a Count of Harklus Hill and Richard Hale, churchwardens of the parish church of St Mary Bredman – Estur 1712 to Estur 1713 there countants and charge them selves with one see a munting to £7/13/0 in all.
Aprell the 21st 1712 spent wen chosen 4/6
for ringers the 23rd Aprell 1/-
Paide the proctor wen sworn 5/6
Spetn at the Visetation 11/-
spent at the Bounds of the parish for bred and bear and money
given to the boys 19/10
for the years Queen Bench and marshall ses 16/0
Paide Mrs Railton for wairing of the surpless one yeare 8/-
Paide Goody Darby for swippen of the church door 4/6
Paide the proctor at michaelmass visitation 3/-
spent at the crown the same time 7/-
for ringing wen Dunkirk was surrendered 2/-
for ringing the 5th Novembur 1/-
spent wen past the last a count 2/-
for mending the church windurs 3/6
spent at the Crown wen the sess was made 2/-
Ringing the eight of march 1/-
paide Mr Garitt for wine £/4/0
paide Mr Pell for Candells 4/4
paide Mr Cumberlan for riting the Regiturs 3/-
paide Mr Hulks his Bill 16/-
paide Mr Maynell Bill for wine £1/0/0
paide for commion bred 2/8
paide for ringing wen Peate was fined 1/-
For Broomes 6d
Disbursed £8/0/?
Received by this sess £7/13/0
Due to the parish upon the balance of the other see 7/6
In all recd £3/5/6
Widow Jacopp in all 3/9

4th April 1713
Work Done in the parish church of St Mary Bredman on the order of Mr Hills, Mr Hall, churchwardens the 4th April 1713
For 2 yards and ¼ green Sarge at 2/- 4/?
for 4 yards and ½ of Scarlet and Silke binding lace at 2 ½ 10d
for 12 yards ¾ of Mailing lace ditto at 1 ½ 1/7
for brass Mailer 2/6
for pakes of Thread and sike 8d
for work ----- glover the ministers Deshe 2/6
for a yard of green Sarge for the Cushion 10/2
for 3 yards Scarlwet and silke binding lace at 2 ½ 7 ½
for Thred and silke 2d
for making of green cushion 2/?
In total 17/9

May 1713
For the perambulation
Dinner 10/-
for the boys 5/-
for beer ----- 3/2
For drinking the queens health 2/-
£1/0/0 (sic)

Received the 20th April 1713 of Mr Hill 20/- in full for communion wine by me Charles Meynell.
Received Han the 1`st of Mr Harcules Hills, churchwarden of the parish church of St Mary Bredman in the city of Canterbury the sum of 8/- in full for half of the Queens Bench and Marshalsea due and ended at Xmas last past... I say read p me Henry Eastman.
April the 8 1713
Received then of John Olliver the sum of 4/- for a playfords by me Edw Burges
February the 17 1713
Worke don by the order of Mr Garit at the church:
myself half a day 1/-
John Shav(?)egg half a day 8d
for 4 hodsds of morter ¼
for 100 of lathe nilles 2d
for 10 hart lathe 3d
for launce 3d

March the 16 reserved of Mr Garit the full at this bill and of all accounts I say reserved by me John Simpson.

July 2nd 1714
Mending a pew in the church
for a sele for the forsed a foot long 1/10
for nailes 4d
for 6 feet of return bord 10d
for ------ a workman ½

Recd June 28th 1714 of Mr John Garet churchwarden of the parish of St Mary Bredman in the city of Canterbury the sum of 8/- in full for halfe a years Queen’s Bnech and marshalsea due and ended at Midsummer last I say recd p m Henry Eastman

1714 march the 25
for washing the surplus twise 4/-
for mending the surplus 9d
for greens att Crismas 6d
for 2 of broames 6d
for a brushe 4d
for sweapin the Doore 1/6
for halfe a dosen of bromes morer 6d
Aprell the 12 1714
Received then of the churchwardens the full of this bill I saye reseved by me John Allen
From August 28 1713 to March 12 1714 had 8 pr candels for the church at 7d pr 4/8
Recd the full of this bill by me William Peele.

The Churchwardens bill for the yeare 1714
For washing 4 times the surplus 8/-
for mending the surplus 1/6
for a dosen of bromes 1/-
for a green all crismus 1/-
for sewping the Church doore 4/6
for the bricklayer 3d
Recd of Mr Oliver sen and Rich Brickende 6/8
Rec of me 9/7
The full of this bill John Ollever

Recd this 4 day of February Mr Garet the full of the bill 1714/15
find all reminds by me William Browning
A Bill of carpenters work don at the church of St Mary Breadman’s in the city of Canterbury by order of Mr Greenlands churchwarden
For one ----- deal 1/-
for one piece of stuff----- (?) 6d
for nailes and work 1/9
Recd Deb 8 1714 of Mr John Garett churchwarden of the parish of St Mary Bredman in the city of Canterbury the sum of 8/- in full for halfe a years Kings Bench and Marshalsea due and ended at Christmas last p m Henry Eastman

April 22nd 1715
A lock 1/6
1 pair of Laches 8d
nails 7d
In all 2/9
Received in full ----- Ann Hill
On Dorse:
Paid Mr Hulks bill on the other side 2/9
for deale borders 2/-
for a days and a halfe for mending the pewes and making
a new door 3/0
for lowances 6d
April 22 1715 received the full of this bill by me Paul Norwood