Extracts from the account of Alexander de Biknore, dated 31 Edward I (1293-1294).(NA, E 101/11/2)

This gives a view of the arrest of vessels and mariners in Ireland to carry the army from Ireland to Scotland on behalf of Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster.... and Gervase Alard, admiral of the fleet of the Cinque Ports. Masters of ships serving for 1 month or longer before 9th June were paid 12d per week, sailors 6d and botswains 3d.


Robert Feter, master of a ship called the St Crus ----(?), with a constable and 34 men. For 15 days £7/2/6.

Robert Homas, master of a shipcalled the St Marie, with 2 constables and 45 men. For 18 days £10/11/3.


John Spicer, master of the ship called the St George, for 2 constables and 50 men. For 15 days £10/10/0.

Hamo Tenyland, master of a shiop called La Margaret, for 1 constable and 36 men. £7/10/0.


Michael le Joefne, captain of sailors and a vessel of Sandwich at 12d per day,....

Laurence Lambert, master of a vessel called Mariole, for 2 constables and 42 men, for 15 days £9/0/0, to wit the master at 6d per day, each constable 6d per day and each sailor 3d per day.

William Teremond, master of a vessel called the St Mary, for 1 constable and 19 men, for 15 days £4/6/3.

John Lambert, master of a vessel called La Legere, for 2 constable3s, 39 men, for 15 days £8/8/9.


John Prest, master of a vessel, a cog called Petre', for 10 sailors, 1 botswain for 1 month before 9th June 25/- to wit the master 12d per week, each sailor 6d per week and each botswain 3d. For the same between 9th June up to 8th July to wit for 30 days £4/13/9, then for the master 6d per day, each sailor 3d per day and each botswain 1d.

Gervase Toneman, master of a ship called Le Cog Edward, 2 constables and 57 men for 15 days £11/16/3 to wit master per day 12d and each constable 6d and each sailor 3d.

Richard Payn master of Seintemaricog, 2 constables, 57 men for 15 days £11/16/3.

Robert Attecart, master of ship called Nicholas, 2 constables and 57 men... for 15 days £11/16/3.


Hamon Robert master of ship..... £10/1/76

Robert Michel, master of a ship..... 47 men.... £9...


William Quentoerel master of ship called Cristesinesse, 1 constable, 33 men, for 15 days £6/18/9.

William Arnold, master of ship called le Stede, 1 constable, 36 men £7/10/0.


John Lamb, master of boat called St Thomas, 2 constables, 42 men for 15 days £9/0/0.

Thomas le Kien master of ship St Nicholas, 2 constables, 42 men, £9.

William Sandrecok, master of le Nicholas, 2 constables, 42 men, £9.

Simon Adam, master of ...............42 men, £9.

Adam Shipman................48 men, £10/2/6.

Peter Hamekyn, master of la Mabille, 1 constable, 36 men, £7/10/0.