The Banks, Bowley, MacNally and Ritchie families.

The McNally Papers: Coppied from the Banks Family Bible (This relates to my mother, L A Ritchie, nee Bowley, her grandparents and their family. Signed: M L A MacNally.

Richard Banks married Elizabeth Borrow 1758. Their family numbered ten, two sons and eight daughtrers, namely:

1 Richard Banks, born in Folkestone 25th July 1759, died at Peckham 1838, aged 79 years.
2 Elizabeth Banks, born 15th November 1766.
3 Lawrence Banks, born 17th August 1786, died 25th September 1799, aged 13, at Losturthiel, Cornwall.
4 Alice Banks, born 6th April 1788 at St Austle, married Rev John Beers.
5 Elizabeth Borrow Banks, born 30th March 1789.
6 Lydia Banks, born 21st September 1791
7 Ann Marsh Banks, born 2nd March 1793 in Liskeard, Cornwall, married Richard Bowley on 3rd May 1820. She died 23rd January 1867 and was buried (aged 73 years and 10 months) in Norwood cemetery.
8 Mary Banks, born in Liskeard, Cornwall 24th September 1795, married Rev C Turner 1822, died 10th January 1876, aged 81 years.
9 Harriet Banks, born 11th November 1797, died at Plymouth, Devon 8th September 1884.
10 Alice Banks, born 1799 in Lostinthiel, Cornwall, buried in Make churchyard, Mount Edgecombe, Devon.

The 7th of these aforesaid children namely Ann Marsh Banks being my mother's mother by her marriage to Richard Bowley 1820. Signed: M L A Macnally (nee Ritchie)

1 Thomas Bowley, born 3rd March 1788, died 6th March 1844, 11 am, married 5th October 1822 to Eliza Martin Leake, born 21st May 1792 at St Mary's Lambeth, died 9th February 1741 (sic, presumable 1841) 9 am.
2 Eliza Charlotte, born 8th August 1820, 20 minutes before 8 pm., christened 5th October at St Mary's church, Lambeth, died 3rd February 1850.
3 Marianne, born 11th February 1825, half past 5pm, christened 6th April 1825 at St Mark's Kennington and registered at St Mary's church, Lambeth.
4 Thomas Leake, born 19th October 1826, 10 minutes past 9am, christened 22nd October 1826 at St Mark's, Kennington, died 9th April 1861.
5 George Edward, born 2nd September 1826, 20 minutes before 11 o'clock pm, christened 30th September 1829 at St Mark's, Kennington, died 17th February 1902, 4pm.
6 Caroline Agnes, born 29th September 1831, 4 minutes past 8 o'clock am, christened 29th October 1831 at St Mark's, Kennington, died 9th April 1923, 9 pm, buried at Deal cemetery 13th April 1923.





at Plymouth, Devon