(Jacob MSS)

George Earle was married to Naomi Thomas on the 18th April 1849 at Melcombe Regis, Weynouth, Dorsetshire.

Frederick Howard Collins Earle, son of George and Naomi Earle was born 23rd March 1858 at Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

Also there their son Walter William Earle was born on the 16th September 1860 at Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

John Earle, the son of John Earle, was born at Stratford, Essex, on 2oth October 1850.

We took John Earle to Boston, Lincolnshire, on the 25th August 1854, his father and mother having both died with the cholera at Stratford.

John Earle departed this life September 11th 1869 aged 18 years 11 months.

William Earle departed this life January 18 1875.

Sarah Thomas, the wife of Henry Thomas, died May 15th 1878.

Henry Thomas her husband died 22 January 1867.

Walter William Earle, the son of George and Naomi Earle, was married to Alice Cooper at Peterborough on the 25 December 1884.

Frederick Howard Collins Earle, the son of George and Naomi Earle was married to Alice House at Peterborough on 9th February 1885.

Thomas Thomas, the brother of Naomi Earle, died 11 July 1884.

Mildred Alice Earle, daughter of Frederick and Alice Earle, was born November 1st 1885.

Horace Frederick Earle, son of Fred and Alice Earle, born Oct 22nd 1893.

George Earle died at Peterborough July 30th 1900.

Naomi Earle his wife died March 17th 1901.