PEDIGREE of a Parker family of Bourne, Lincolnshire


Mary Elizabeth Parker, Bourne, born 13th September 1889
Richard Parker, Bourne, 14th March 1890
Gilpha Susan Parker, Bourne, 21st January 1892
George Parker, Bourne, 1st (?) January 1903
Caroline Parker, wife of G E Parker, Bourne, 25th February 1870
George Ellis Parker, 30th October 1863


Zilpha Susan Parker, wife of James Bannister, 4th April 1914
George Edward Parker married Evelyn Pulford, 24th September 1928


Mary Elizabeth Parker, died 15th November 1887
Mary Ann Parker, died 24th October 1902
Richard Parker, killed in France, 6th August 1918/19
George Ellis Parker, 23rd August 1939