WALTHAM FAMILY of Lincolnshire


Benjamin Waltham married Mary Jane Sharpe at Quadring parish church May 16 1871.


John Robert Waltham, born 10th April 1872.
Joseph Waltham, born 1st February 1874.
Annie Maria Waltham, born 25th February 1875.
Maria Waltham, born 7th March 1877.
Annie Waltham, born 1st July 1879.
Eliza Waltham, born 30th May 1881.
Charles Waltham, born 8th August 1884.
Henry Waltham, born 8th July 1889.
Gertrude Waltham, born 5th April 1894.


John Robert Waltham married Agnes Channer at Blidworth, Nottinghamshire on 2nd December 1893.
Joseph Waltham married Maria Barton at Leverton church on 10th May 1897.
Frank Chambers married Maria Waltham at Deeping St Nicholas on 10th December 1906.
Charles Waltham married Mary Jane Jee(?) at Pinchbeck church in July 1912.
Frank Bringeman married Gertrude Waltham at Deeping St Nicholas, by Rev Benson on 15th October 1919 .


Annie Marie Waltham, died 19th January 1876, aged 10 months 3 weeks, interred at Quadring.
Eliza Waltham, died 16th April 1882, aged 10 months 2 weeks, interred at Quadring.
Henry Waltham, died 28th October 1889, aged 4 months, interred at Quadring.
Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Benjamin Waltham, died 9th April1905, aged 53, interred at Littleworth 14th April 1905.
Benjamin Waltham, died 1st December 1939, aged 89, interred at Deeping St Nicholas 5th December.
Anne, beloved daughter of Benjamin and the late Mary Jane Waltham of Jordan Farm, Spalding Common, died 8th June 1910, aged 30, interred at Deeping St Nicholas.
John Robert Waltham, son of Benjamin and the late Mary Jane Waltham, of Jordan Farm, Spalding Common, died 25th May 1915 (or 1918), aged 46, interred at Billwell, Nottinghamshire, 28th Ma7 1915.
Mr Joseph Waltham, Ash Tree House, Spalding Common, aged 79, died 31st January 1911, interred at Deeping St Nicholas 4th February.
John Waltham of Pinchbeck West, died 7th January, interred at Pinchbeck West 10th January 1925, aged 78 years.
Henry Waltham of Marley, Nr Leeds, died 18th February 1925, interred at Marley 21st February, aged 81 years.