(Jacob MSS)

A Bible published in 1827. Stuck onto the end board is a sheet of paper, with a date of 7th May 1810.
Maria Ward born June 6 1811.
George Ward July 16th 1812.
George Cartwright July 2nd 1814.
John Ward November 26th 1816.
Betsey Ann Ward November 18th 1817.
John Ward January 25th 1820.
Frederick Richard Ward March 29th 1821.
Henry Ward November 21st 1822.
William Robert Gray August 29th 1824.
Edward Ward January 31st 1826.
Geore William Edward Cartwirght April 12th 1827.
Elizabeth Ward August 20th 1829.
The Deare Mother of the above children departed this life November 12th 1830 universally respected.

George Ward Smith born the 23rd June of the yeare 1832.
Catherine Elizabeth Ann Smith born May 16th 1834 and departed this life 14th February 1835.
Ellen Smith born 13th October 1836.
Henery Ward Smith born September 4th 1838 and died November 15th 1838.
Mary Ann Smith born December 11th 1839 and died January 22nd 1841.
Annie Smith born September 17th 1843 and departed this life March 16th 1845.
Marie Elizabeth born February 24th 1847 and died May 12th 1931.
John Henry Smith born January 9th 1849.
Edward Smith born November 6th 1850.
Alice Smith born March 2nd 1852.
William Henry Richards born November 18th died 1924.
Ellen Richards born October 13th 1936 died March 6th 1909.
Ethel May Ward Richards June 18th, died August 1954.
Sybil Emily Dickens Richards Octobeer 6th 1871.
Henry Elizabeth Dolton born May 24th 1860 died June 12th 1953.