The manors of Kirklevington and High Worsal were part of an involved dispute in Chancery. George Bowes, who married Mary Gibbs, as she then was, granted her as a jointure £1600 per annum out of the estate. The estate was subsequently mortgaged after the death of George Bowes, the mortgage not being serviced. Repossession proceedings were initiated, but Mary Bowes it was held was still entitled to the £1600 rents out of the manors. These were administered by Thomas Adam, solicitor, of Alnwick, Northumberland.


Listed are the names of tenants, the half year's rent due at Ladyday 1787, arrears of rent, and the amount paid. At the end are given various notes relating to disbursements.

Robinson Castor owes £70 rent. Paid.

Henry Wilkinson owes £42.10.0 ditto. Paid.

Hannah Wilkinson owes £52.6.0 ditto. In arrears of £12, settled amount in full October 9th 1787.

George Coatsworth owes £40 rent, as also arrears of £24. Settled amount in full.

Thomas Best owes £42.1.0 rent. Paid.

Israel Alderson owes £26.5.0 rent. Paid.

Thomas Johnson owes £27.10.0 rent, as also arrears of £55. Paid £55 and owes £27.10.0.

John Blackburn owes £42.10.0 rent, as also arrears of £88.14.0. He paid £23.10.0 and owes £107.14.0.

John Hutchinson owes £37 rent, as also arrears of £37. Paid £37 and owes £37.

Henry Purdy owes £27.10.0 rent. Paid.

James Sanderson owes £42.10.0 rent. Paid.

Robert Buttery owes £30 rent. Paid.

John Robinson owes £16.15.0 rent. Paid.

Thomas Sowler owes £1.17.6 rent. Paid.

David Coatsworth owes £43.15.0 rent, as also arrears of £43.15.0. He paid £43.15.0 and owes £43.15.0.

John Benton owes £1.10.0 rent, as also arrears of £1.10.0. He paid in full.

Margaret Watson owes £1.5.0 rent, as also £1.5.0 arrears. She paid in full.

William Clapham owes £1.12.6 rent. Paid.

George Scotson owes £1.16.3 rent. Paid.

Elizabeth Wain owes £5.5.0. Paid.

Anthony Sanderson owes £2.0.0 rent, as also £2.2.0 in arrears, and paid £4.0.0.

Charles Wrayson owes 1/- rent. Paid.

John Charlton owes 5/- rent. Paid.



Christopher Richardson owes £79 rent. Paid.

John Smith owes £40 rent. Paid.

John Gricewood owes £23.10.0 rent. Paid.

Henry York owes £20 rent. Paid.

George Hutton owes £20 rent. Paid.

John Dale owes £59 rent. Paid.

George Readhead owes £24.10.0 rent. Paid.

Robert Gricewood owes £27.10.0 rent. Paid.

William Angle owes £30 rent. Paid.

Matthew Trenholm owes £27 rent. Paid.

Jos Ingleclue owes 1/- rent. Paid.


Disbursements made at Kirklevington:

October 9th 1787.

Paid Robert Buttery for repairing the walls and pantile roof of his farm house at Kirklevington £1.19.1.

Paid Hannah Wilkinson for the like of her farm Onstead £1.1.5 1/2.

Paid James Sanderson half a year's landtax of Kirklevington due at Michaelmas 1787 £31.9.2.

Paid Mr Christopher Richardson viz

for repairing the window frames of his farm house at High Worsal £3.13.9
for a year's Modus of High Worsal due 2nd October 1787 £1.6.8.
for half a year's landtax of ditto due Michaelmas 1787 £23.17.8 1.2.

Paid George Hutton for repairing the doors and barn boards of his farm at High Worsal £2.16.6.

Paid George Gricewood for repairing the doorframe of his farm onstead at High Worsal 2/-.

Paid Henry York the surplus of the cash received the 17th April 1787 15/-.