BARNACK, next to STAMFORD 1379

Feofment by Peter Werting of Barnack to Richard Pollam of Barnack of one rod and a half of meadow of Pyllesgate, lying between the meadows of the sacristician of the burgh of St Peter on ? and the headland on the mead of John Rypton towards the south... TO HAVE AND TO HOLD to Richard Pollam, his heirs and assigns of the chief Lord of the fee by service...

Dated at Barnack the Sunday next after the feast of Easter 5 Richard II (13th April 1379)

The witnesses are John son of Thomas, Robert Pauddon (?), Stephen Kyng, John Sondy, Walter Wryght, John Sybyly, John Sutton and others.

BARNACK, next to STAMFORD 1384-5

Feofment by Peter Wertyng of Barnack to Richard Pollam and Margaret his wife of Barnack of three rods of arable land, lying in the fields of Pillesgate of which half an acre lies between the lands of Peter Wertyng on the west and lands of William Pynder on the east, another rod lies between the lands of William Joye towards the west and the lands of the Lord of Barnack on the ? and a road which leads from Barnack to Pillesgate.... TO HAVE AND TO HOLD of the chief Lords of the fee....

Dated at Barnack on Thursday next after the feast of St Mathew 8 Richard II (1384-5).

The witnesses are: John son of Thomas de Bernak, Walter Clyston, Robert Fauddon?, Stephen Kyng, John Sandi, Walter Wyrht, Thomas Clerk and others.