A Catalogue of the residual documents of the Manor of Rusthall - 1 - those items listed by Geoffrey and Brenda Copus


We were very pleased to be asked by Roger Farthing (well-known as a local expert and author of excellent books on Tunbridge Wells) if we would like to assist him in sorting and cataloguing the remaining records of the Manor of Rusthall. Ibbett Mosely, the Agents to the Manor (which included much of present-day Tunbridge Wells), were moving office and would not have space to house the collection in their new building. The listing and sorting proved to be a formidable task because of the enormous number of documents, and the limited time available before the entire collection was to be deposited at the Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone.

This residual collection proved to be by far the largest and most varied of any we have encountered, relating to a Manor at such a late period. Perhaps the most important documents are the records of the Manorial Courts - the Courts Leet or Views of Frankpledge still held in the early 19th century, and the Courts Baron, which were held up to 1917, when the typed account of the proceedings ran to 48 pages. Other items such as Rentals, lists of Quitrents due and received, claims as Freehold tenants and so on are there in abundance. Among unusual records are perambulations of the bounds of the Manor, the last of which took place as late as 1919, while because the Manor has such extensive Commons there is much correspondence about encroachments, whether or not licensed by the Lord and the freehold Tenants.

It must be said that Frank Osborne Baird, the reclusive bachelor Scot living in Hove who was the Lord of the Manor as Tenant for life from for almost 50 years until his death at the age of 94 in 1949, was a remarkable man who would not let anything pass which might be taken as weakening his legal position. The yearly bundles of correspondence bear eloquent witness to the close interest he took in everything to do with the Manor and the town, particularly the Pantiles, much of which he owned. It is clear, for example, that he scanned the local press every week to see if any Manorial Tenants had died, writing to mention this to the Agents so that they could pursue the matter of a Heriot. Naturally he preferred a live beast, because the alternative "dead" Heriot if the Tenant had no live animal was a small cash payment which had not been adjusted in line with inflation since the Middle Ages.

Despite mutterings about "the shackles of feudalism" in the local press, Mr. Baird was successful in claiming live Heriots down to the mid-twenties. In 1908, for example, Heriots including a Yeomanry NCO's charger, a pony, a sow and three young pigs were reluctantly yielded up in respect of three different properties in Rusthall. In one exchange Mr. Baird was seriously contemplating claiming a fox terrier, and only desisted when the dead Tenant's housekeeper insisted that the animal was hers, not her master's.

As we three listed the documents we became quite attached to Mr. Baird; definitely not a lovable man, but what a character - "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" personified. Basically, he was opposed to change, but if it was inevitable then his guiding principle was to make a reasonable profit and to maintain the legal standing of the Manor. On the other hand, he could be enterprising in seeking ways of exploiting his ownership of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons, exploring for example the possibility of excavating and selling sand, and also of boring for coal, although fortunately both these ideas proved unfruitful. He was ready to go to law at the drop of a hat, and there are many opinions of Counsel on all sorts of topics, and huge bundles of printed legal papers. The influence he maintained over Tunbridge Wells and district in so many ways was exerted from a distance, and through his Agents and the other Manorial officials, but it was nevertheless real and, generally speaking, for the good of the town – we have added his obituary, from the local newspaper.

In the very limited time available to make even the basic 30 page catalogues which we and Roger Farthing each produced, it was not possible to look in detail at more than a small selection of documents, but we had great pleasure in putting in a thumb and pulling out a plum here and there. As an example, we found the bundle of correspondence about opposition to the Tunbridge Wells Gas Bill in 1874 most entertaining. It had apparently been proposed that the new gas works should be situated on land at High Rocks, the property of Lord Abergavenny who - as he wrote frostily from the safe distance of Eridge Castle - was quite happy with the proposed transaction. Residents of the expensive houses in Nevill Park, Hungershall Park and nearby objected vigorously to the way in which the "noxious fumes" would affect them, and circulated a petition. In the true spirit of "not in my back yard" they suggested that a far more suitable site would be near the brickworks at High Brooms. Such was the strength of the opposition that the gas works were eventually built in that area.

Although F.O. Baird is the person who dominates the Manorial records for over fifty years - even before coming into the property he had sued the previous Lady of the Manor for having allegedly prejudiced his position as the next Tenant for life - there are interesting figures in the earlier period. Colonel T.M.M. Weller was the Lord for many years, and he too was distinctly litigious; unlike Mr. Baird, he did live in the town, and took a leading part in local activities. He also owned Kingsgate and other property at Rolvenden, hence some interesting papers about a dispute over the Faculty for re-pewing Rolvenden church in 1899/1900.

We felt quite bereft as we saw the hard-working Archives staff taking the documents down several flights of narrow stairs, on their way to Maidstone; the collection - some in their original deed boxes, some in new cardboard boxes - filled a large van. However, it was very satisfactory that Ibbett Moseley with the consent of the Trustees of the Manor have deposited the entire collection. For our part, helping to list the documents was a time-consuming, cold, dirty, dusty job, but a most enjoyable one - an episode to which we look back with great pleasure.

Geoffrey Copus Brenda Copus

17 Oakdale Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8DS
February 2000


Lord of the Manor dies at 94.

Not a resident, and yet in many ways the most powerful controller of the destiny of Tunbridge Wells, a 94-year-old man died in Hove on Tuesday. His name was Mr. Frank Osborne Baird and he lived at 20, Wilbury Gardens, Hove. He was Lord of the Manor of Tunbridge Wells [sic].

The vast estate over which Mr. Baird exercised something like feudal control now passes to a distant relative of the late Col. T.M.M. Weller, a Lord of the Manor who lived in the town. When Col. Weller died half a century ago he left the estate to Mr. Baird – for life. Now it reverts to his own family.


Many of the peculiar rights of a Lord of the Manor remain through the centuries – in many cases, he can veto the desires of the local authority. Until the Law of Property Act of 1922, one of the most important rights exercised by the Lord of the Manor was that of “the heriot.”

On the death of any person holding land within the Manor, the Lord was entitled to claim a chattel, either live or dead. If live, it could be the best beast on the estate. If dead, it was 6s.8d. [sic]. About 30 years ago, the Marquess of Abergavenny died and the Lord of the Manor took from his estate in Monmouthshire the best bull. This had to be redeemed (in cash) by the estate, to the financial advantage of the Manor.

Rights in disuse for many years were those demanding an oath of loyalty to the Lord of the Manor from all the serfs on the estate and of the “Suit to Court” which enabled him …… [ unclear in newspaper cutting ]. Today, no building can be erected on the Manor – which includes the whole of the Common and the Pantiles – without the approval of the Lord of the Manor. Even a path cannot be made up without his consent.

When public conveniences were constructed on the lower level of the Pantiles, the prior consent of the Lord of the Manor was not obtained, and the result was litigation that proved an expensive proposition for the Corporation.

Of the man who held control of the Manor for something like five decades, little was known in Tunbridge Wells. Few residents knew him personally. The cremation at Brighton tomorrow will be private.

Manor of Rusthall - provisional catalogue of that part of the collection of documents remaining with Ibbett Mosely listed by Geoffrey and Brenda Copus.


C1 - correspondence c 1890-1902.
C2 - in folder: original printed maps of Tunbridge Wells - 1808 (Barrow). 1828 (Calverley Estate) and 1838 (Local Act.)
Suart v Baird - papers re settlement of action, Nov./Dec. 1903.
Painted achievement of arms, Weller of Rolvenden.
C 4 - original envelope: Manorial waste adjoining Langton Road, 1936.
C5 - original envelope; case for Counsel, sale of waste to Durrant's Trustees, n.d.
original envelope of papers; Berry and Berry, solicitors, costs, enfranchisement (Registered Tenants) 1938.
C 6 - original envelope; Weller Estate, 1914; F.O. Baird correspondence, 1918.
C 7 - accounts of F.O. Baird, Trustee of will of Col. Weller, 1898-99.
Opposition to Rusthall Manor Bill, 1901 etc.
C 11 - St. Helena, TW; various papers including lease, 1883, sale particulars 1909.
C 13 - making entrance to Boyne Park estate across Manorial waste; grants to Gallard (builder and developer) 1891-93, with plans.
C 16 - original bundle; nos. 60, 62, 64 the Pantiles, 1908-10.
C 17 - original bundle; correspondence, instructions to Counsel etc., relating to electric light mains under Fir Tree Road, Hungershall Park Road and the Common, 1909-10, with apparently unrelated correspondence about maps, 1899.
C 18 - Mrs. Hely-Hutchinson deceased (will dated 1901) - probate and related papers, 1909-29 (see also correspondence bundle 1910/46)
C 19 - sale particulars of Red House and Manor Grange, 1904; Great Culverden, 1925, with photographs and coloured plans.


C 12 - book listing claimants to manorial properties, 1866 to 1886. Detailed descriptions of properties with names of claimants.
C 14 - Draft conveyance of Manor, 1840. Rental prepared from a Court Baron held in December 1917; 75 large typed pages, with names of owners and the current descriptions of properties, related to the Manorial properties shown on the 1850 map; compensation for extinguishment of Manorial rights, 1937-38; Heriot receipt book stubs, 1936-50.
C 27 - Manor accounts, 1929; Bailiff's accounts, 1940-43, 1945, 1947; Agents' accounts, 1944.
C 28 - original bundle; Encroachment rents, 1873-99.
C 29 - original bundle; claims as Freehold tenants, 1863.
C 30 - lists of Freehold tenants, 1889, 1931 (very detailed) 1934.
C 31 - Rentals of the Manor, 1819, 1841, 1854, 1884.
C 32 - Quitrents due and received, 1847, 1853, 1883, 1893.
C 33 - original bundle; printed booklets - 1739 Manor of Rusthall Act: Byelaws framed by the Conservators for the TW Improvement Act, 1890; Byelaws made by TW Local Board, 1858.
C 34 - original bundle; claims as Freehold tenants, 1873-85.
C 35 - Perambulation of the Manor, 1886, very detailed (small book.)
C 36 - notes on the Perambulation of the Manor, 1883, very detailed.
C 38 - typed ts of Court Rolls, 1651/2/3/4.
C 39 - small volume, green cover with title "Reference to the Map of the Manor of Rusthall", n.d., but the properties listed have Tithe Map numbers.
C 40 - View of Frankpledge and Court Baron held 22 March 1819.
C 41 - Court Baron held 19 July 1824.
C 42 - Minutes of Court Leet held 23 October 1824.
C 43 - Court Baron held 30 August 1826.
C 44 - Court Leet and Court Baron held 8 December 1834.
C 45 - Court Baron held 1 December 1841.
C 46 - Court Baron held 23 July 1847.
C 47 - Court Baron held 21 December 1853 and 4 January 1854.
C 48 - Court Baron held 11 September 1872.
C 49 - Court Baron held 1 November 1883.
C 50 - Draft Rental, 1893.
C 51 - Court Baron held 30 May 1893.
C 52 - adjourned Court Baron held 26 June 1893.
C 53 - Court Baron held 22 November 1900.
C 54 - Court Baron held 20 September 1912.
C 55 - adjourned Court Baron held 27 November 1917.
C 56, C 56a - original bundle of correspondence 1912-1917, with particulars of Quit Rents received at the Court Baron of 1900.
C 57 - list of Freehold Tenants, taken from the 1893 Court Baron. Very detailed.
C 58 - list of Freehold Tenants, taken from the 1900 Court Baron.
C 59 - list of Freehold Tenants, prepared for the 1912 Court Baron. Very detailed.
C 60 - schedule (typed) of title deeds relating to the Manor of Rusthall and other properties, mortgaged for £14000 in 1879.
C 61 - forms of : Proclamation of the opening of a Court, Steward's Precept to warn Court, Foreman's oath, Juryman's oath.
D 8 - large format, in brown paper cover: list of Manorial tenants, very detailed, with addresses, rents payable, etc; n.d. but refers to payments in 1912-13.
D 9 - large original envelope, account of Quit Rents due, 1918, very detailed.
D 10 - Case ex parte the Lord of the Manor and Freehold Tenants - opinion, 1879.
D 11 - Stidolph's map of the Manor, 1850, with the different holdings coloured.
D 12 - two printed copies of the Rusthall Manor Act, 1863.
D 13 - Rental, 1904, detailed.
D 25 - draft agreement, Trustees of will of Col. Weller etc and the Freehold Tenants, and the Conservators, 1891.
D 26 - envelope with list of Quit Rents and receipts, 1917.
D 27 - Manor accounts, 1937.
D 28 - various claims as Freehold Tenants, 1873-95.
D 28a - notebook, list of Freeholders and occupiers, n.d.
L 102 - as D 25, also various printed bye laws etc., 1890.
A 17 - Perambulation of the Manor, very detailed, on parchment; refers to map (not found) 1919.


B 13 - Encroachment Rents etc., 1884-99.
B 14 - Rents, 1892 , 1897-98 etc.
B 16 - original bundle, very mixed; includes - Faculty for removal of pews, Rolvenden church, 1900, with much correspondence;
envelope with papers on development of Erskine Park estate, Rusthall, 1899, including plan, sale particulars and correspondence;
papers about Marriage Settlement, Rev. Alfred Suart, 1870;
Well Field, Rolvenden, correspondence 1910;
sewers under Dusts, the Pantiles; weighing machine on Pantiles - Counsel's opinion, 1897; well on Common, laying gas pipes etc., correspondence, 1899;
Col. Weller's Trust - schedule of deeds; mortgage papers, shops etc.
B 19 - " sundry letters" c1846-87: 37 small items, topics including mineral springs; urinal on Common; rebuilding of Jeffrey's cottage site.
C 14a - miscellaneous bank paying-in books, cheque stubs etc.
C 15 - large original bundle relating to the Swan Hotel, Pantiles :
(i) deeds etc. 1881-1920.
(ii) packet labelled "old deeds", although the earliest is dated 1882, and the latest 1927. Includes detailed inventories etc.


B 1 - papers relating to Jessamine Cottage, Lloyds House, Manor Cottage, Manor Gate, Manor Grange, Manor Lodge, Manor Villa - leases etc.
B 2 - Rusthall House, and other properties in Rusthall.
B 3 - miscellaneous correspondence relating to matters such as telephones, electricity supply, car park; also entrance to Nevill Park, Ashley Gardens etc.
B 4 - Fire Brigade, Kentish Mansions etc.
B 5 - Fonthill.
B7 - the Beeches, Bishops Down; Mount Ephraim, Mount Edgcombe etc.
B 28 - Col. Weller's Trust; list of documents, 19th. century.
B 29 - Col. Weller's Trust - schedule of documents.


This tin was found labelled "Weller Trust, Bundle no. 1; copy Leases and Aircraft Insurance letters"
The contents were not fully checked, but at a fairly quick look the contents appear to be still as stated. They include a list of deeds "received from Burn and Berridge Feb. 15 1921 and kept in Weller Trust Box bundle 17." This is in envelope with original marking 5/1-6 addressed to F.O Baird, 1906.


A very jumbled box; the original label describes the contents as "Weller Trust bundles 2-16." The original reference letters and numbers, marked in blue crayon on the bundles or envelopes, have been retained for part of the contents, as follows:
WT 1 / 153, 154 - PO telephone opoosite the Fountain, Rusthall etc., 1946.
WT 2/7 - consent for Corporation works on Pantiles, 1902.
2/10 - agreement, Erskine Park Road, Rusthall, 1899.
2/17 - 19 Eridge Road - gas and water pipes, 1898.
2/13 - Lady of the Manor, Weller Trust and TW Gas Co. - the Lodge on Common, 1891.
2/14 - the same, telephone to Fonthill, National Telephone Co., 1898.
3/44 - Spa Hotel garage, 1935.
3/51 - Rusthall War Memorial, 1921.
3/53 - Cranwell House, Rusthall, electric light cable, with plan, 1921.
3/54 - Red Lion, Lower Green, sign board, 1921.
3/131 - telephone cable on forecourt, 46a Back Pantiles, 1937.
3/132 - traffic sign opposite Methodist church London Rd., 1928.
3/133 - Belisha Beacon opposite Castle Hotel, on Common, 1934.
3/134 - tarmac at bus stop, Bull's Hollow Rusthall, 1938.
3/135 - telephone post opposite Ayot, on Common, 1938.
3/136 - halt sign opposite Post Office, London Road, 1938.
3/139 - telephone at Bredbury, 1939.
WT3/140 - LPTB direction sign affixed to lamp standards and overhanging Waste - removed 9 Oct 1942.
3/142 - water pipe to Bredbury (2 guineas p.a.) 1939.
3/143-6 telephone to Helens Holme, Bredbury, Mount Ephraim House and 62 London Road, 1939.
3/147 - telegraph, Tower House to White Hart, 1940.
3/148 - telegraph to north side Hurstwood Lane, 1945.
3/149 - telegraph to Mount Ephraim, 1945.
3/150 - telegraph to Denny Bottom, 1945.
3/151 - Hand and Sceptre, the Pantiles, advertisement board (£5 p.a.) 1945.
3/152 - telephone poles, Goose Green Lane, 1945.
3/155 - junction sign, Langton Road, 1945.
3/156 - water pipe, 67 London Road, 1947.
3/157 - notice board "Dornden Farm, private" on waste, 1947.
3/158 - telephone to Rusthall Church School, 1947.
3/160 - telephone pole, Vermont Road, 1948.
3/161 - wartime advance road signs erected by the Corporation on the Common c1945, to be removed 1948 as they do not wish to pay.
3/162 - telephone pole near Toad Rock, 1948.
3/163 - telephone Upper Street.
3/164 - phone terminal, 38 Pantiles.
3/165 - Car park, Upper Cricket Ground, Linden Park Cricket Club (£3 p.a.)
3/166 - telephone pole rear of 8 Rusthall Park, 1948.
3/167 - water pipe to Westcote, Bishop's Down ( with map).
3/168 - St Helena- erection of dwarf sandstone wall, 1948.
3/169 - electric transformer pillar, Bretland and Rusthall Roads, 1950.
3/170 - Rusthall Cricket Club, 2 notice boards (5s. per annum) 1950.
WT 3/171 - telephone pole, Dornden, 1950.
3/172 - slow signs, Rusthall/ Langton and Bishop's Down/ Mount Ephraim 1950.
3/173 - manhole in Pink Alley to take drainage from 7 the Pantiles, 1950 (George Prentis and Son Ltd.)
3/174 - water pipe to Old Tiles, London Road (3 guineas p.a.)
3/ 175 - water pipe to cottage, Langton Road, 1950.
3/176 - track across grass to 77 London Road.
3/177 - telephone cable under path at Vale Road, 1951.
3/178 - telephone cable under Rusthall Common, 1951.
3/195 - water service pipe to West Cottage, Langton, 1951.
12/10 - valuation for Estate Duty and annual rental ? date.
Mr. Carter's valuation for Estate Duty is £92,039. Annual rental is £4342.2.3.
Manor dues (average over 5 years) £140.5.5
Kingsgate Estate, never been let, valued at £200 p.a.
Pix's Farm Rolvenden - £40.7.3.
Present annual rental £4722.14.11.
notes: annual rent for Property Tax is £5808.10.0 Annual rent has increased in last 10 years by £364.17.0.
WT 14 / 5 - draft grant to LBSC Railway, 1865 - 2 pieces of waste.
14/6 - envelope only, Fonthill.
14/7 - draft grant to Rev. Benjamin Bradney Brockett, 2 pieces of waste, 1870 (Merivale property and cottage near Castle Yard.)
WT 14/8 - grant to Charles Robert Fletcher Lutwidge, part of waste at end of Dudley Road. Plan, including "entrances to Madam Caballero's Cottages."
14/10 - grant to Hon. F.G. Molyneux, waste in front of Woodgate and Heathside, plan.
14/11 - Goose Green, agreement to let part of waste, plan.
WT 19/1 - 3 and 5 the Pantiles, dup. deed of release 4 Oct 1925, Trustees to Ann Naomi Colls and Charlotte Adelaide Colls.
"B1"- grass verge, Mt. Ephraim, Conservators' resolution, 1924.
"B 2"- Mrs. Weller's Trust, letters from her to F.O.B., death certificate B.O. Bell; Miss Cuthbertson's Trust, and other correspondence.
"B 3" - appointment of new Trustee, Sept. 1921.
15/6 - particulars of the late Col. Weller's property, Parade and Bishop's Down, tenants and rents (?date.)
15/11 - Barnes' agreement.
SEG1 - a very large bundle of insurances, F.O.Baird (includes servants and 2 charwomen at Selborne Road, Hove) 1909.
WT 17 - Prudential policies, 1919.
WT 15/5 - Mr. Weller, cash account.
WT 15/11 - Mount Cottage and meadow, 1919.

The following were all found loose and have been catalogued under initial L:

L1 - printed blank memo of agreement between the Lady of the Manor and the Freehold Tenants and ....., Licensee.
L2 - Wellers Trust, correspondence re Miss Suart's claim.
L3 - G.G. Baird and F.O.Baird, Power of Attorney to act in the trusts of the Will of Lt. Col. T.M. Weller decd., 1890.
L4 - 48 the Pantiles, Licence to assign underletting to Groves, 1898.
L5 - empty envelope marked Belleville.
L6 - Colbran's Bishop's Down Park estate map, c 1867.
L7 - envelope endorsed draft conveyance to Culverden Chase Ltd., release to Admiral Lucas's legatees.
L 8 - envelope endorsed grant, Baird to Gallard re entrance to Boyne Park Estate, 3 drafts.
L 9- Thomas Gardener's bills, Bishop's Down, 1808/9.
L 10 - agreement to lay water pipe, Eridge Road, plan, Sept. 1899.
L 11 - Carter Banks and Bennett annual accounts, 1944.
L 12 - auction particulars, Bishops Down Park estate, 1867.
L 13 - Inventory. 41 Royal Parade, fixtures and implements, 1867.
L 14 - Town and Country Planning Act claim.
L 15 - extract - apportioned Quit rents, 1893.
L 16 - agreement re Back Parade, George Avery (plan) 1899.
L 17 - list of tenants and properties with valuations etc., 1902.
L 18 - correspondence, Heriot demanded from Hancox deceased, 1911.
L 19 - Post Office telephone to Mt. Edgcombe Cottage, 1913.
L 20 - grass verge at County Club premises, 1911.
L 21 - A.C. Hawley deceased - 10s.6d. Encroachment rent near Ashburnham, 1947.
L 22 - letters re White Bear and Kentish Stables, also list of overdue rents, 1899.
L 23 - Manor House schedule of repairs, n.d.
L 24 - Bishops Down Park, auction map 1864.
L 25 - memo re interest, Weller and Suart, 1882.
L 26 - papers "purporting to show Col. Weller took a great interest in the property" 1874 etc.
L 27 - correspondence re Heriot, Marquess of Abergavenny deceased, 1927.
L 28 - grant to Wm. Oliver Esq to make road over filled up pond at Lower Green (map) 1 Apr. 1901.
L 29 - Kentish Hotel Stables, abstract of lease, 1878.
L 30 - Walker to Weller, letter about the spring under the Duke of York and under Holyer's shop; mention of urinal case, n.d.
L 31 - envelope of correspondence showing injury to springs not caused by depth of Holyer's cellar, 1846-47.
L 32 - plan of garden in front of Fernside, Bishop's Down, n.d.
L 33 - schedule of Manor etc., refers to plans (not there) - n.d.
L 34 - boundary of Ashburnham, Bishop's Down; several papers, earliest 1801.
L35 - Bishops Down Spa Co.; draft notice (Dick sold to Pilgrim); refers to there being no right of road over the Common except for agricultural use.
L 36 - legal Opinion on the Walks, n.d.
L 37 - Public Rights of Way Bill, 1908, as affecting the Pantiles and the Common.
L 38 - claim to be registered as Freehold Tenant - Henry Taylor of Braeside, Rusthall, 1886.
L 39 - Licence from Lady of the Manor and Freeholders to George Mercer to build on Bishop's Down, 1820.
L 40 - auction particulars of freehold building land, one and a half acres near Rusthall common, with plan, 1894.
L 41 - 1 to 3; list of leases including Rolvenden; n.d. but annotated to c 1923.
L 42 - case re Cripps' encroachment, 1833.
L 43 - notice to quit stables etc. opposite Kentish Hotel, to William Barnsley Hughes, architect, 1899.
L 44 - copy will of George Gardener proved 24 Dec. 1790.
L 45 - list of Freehold tenants c 1902.
L 46 - auction poster, Bishops Down Park, 1867.
L 47 - copy of
consent to enclosure by Sir George Kelly of part of waste, with sketch plan (land opposite Spa.)
L 48 - letters about the caves under St. Helena, and permission for authorities to inspect for use as air raid shelters, 1939.
L 49 - rents due at Michaelmas 1927.
L 50 - Weller's Trust; list of tenants, rents, etc., c 1890.
L 51 - Captain Weller, cash account 1863.
L 52 - complaint about cruelty in circus on Common, 1958.
L 53 - Orchestra, repairs to building, 1862.
L 54 - accounts and bill for replanting tree from Common on Parade, 1843 - 1860.
L 55 - byelaws, TW Local Board, 1858.
L 56 - correspondence with Mr. Cripps about stones and snow deposited on Common, 1893.
L 57 - appointment of Conservators, 1890.
L 58 - printed blank agreement forms for Freeholders, n.d.
L 59 - schedule of documents of the Manor of Rusthall in possession of the Steward, in which the Freehold Tenants are interested, 1739-1885.
L 60 - list of encroachments, n.d.
L 61 - Freehold Tenants and insurances, c 1947-49.
L 62 - list of title deeds handed to Col. Weller on surrender of lease, 1881; lists documents 1836 onwards, but 1839 and 1841 could not be found.
L 63 - extract from Tonbridge Vestry minutes referring to Overseer and Beadle, 1824.
L 64 - receipts for Legacy Duty 1888-96 (Weller).
L 65 - receipt for Tithes redeemed 1947.
L 66 - contract for sale of house at Speldhurst; Frederick Weller and David Jean Robertson (Rusthall House) 1840.
L 67a to L 67y - a bundle of papers about the building of Limehill Road across the Common by Mrs. Charlotte Newton, 1881-84; includes several detailed plans by Brentnall and H.H. Cronk.
L 68 - certificate of marriage in St. George's parish, Glasgow; T.M.M. Weller and Christian Jane Baird, proclaimed 24 Feb. 1834 and no objections made.
L 69 - minutes of conferences with Col. Weller, 21/23 July 1880, and with Mr. Suart 28 July 1880. Written 1895; topics, Thorley and Beckley's premises, Manor Grange, The Beeches, Hand and Sceptre, Manor House, Manor Lodge, Sheffield House, Colls' premises.
L 70 - Walks properties and tenants, late 19th. century.
L 71 - tenants' rents, Pantiles and Bishop's Down etc., 1871 and 1876.
L 72 - rents, Walks property, 1853.
L 73 - schedule of deeds etc. deposited with Alleyne and Walker, 1854.
L 74 - Weller cash account, includes coat for Parish Beadle, 1858.
L 75 - schedule of deeds at Scoones; Rusthall estate in trust for mortgagees, Messrs. and Miss Weller; refers to deed c1758-1818.
L 76 - schedule of deeds re Speldhurst, c1840, in mortgage to Henry William Nunn.
L 77 - byelaws under Rusthall Manor Act, 1863.
L 78 - Walker to Suart, objecting to Bank Holiday sports on Common, n.d.
L 79 - "estimate of income from my Wells Property for 1837" refers to Ashburnham and cottage.
L 80 - value of Walks and Parade properties c1880.
L 81 - Walks property, instructions re rents etc., c1880.
L 82 - sale of Commons - rough draft and copy; press cuttings, suggestion that the Corporation should buy Commons, fairs should be forbidden etc., n.d.
L 83 - F.O.B. to Mr. Elwig thanking him for copy of his "Memories", 1937.
L 84 - dead tree opposite 5 London Rd., 1937.
L 85 - proposed alterations to Exeter Villa, attractive elevation by L.Tanner for E. Aubin Esq., n.d.
L 86 - claims to be registered as Freehold Tenants, 1928 (refers to Copyhold Act.) 1928.
L 87 - draft consent to enclosure, Gt. Culverden Estate, 1927.
L 88 - newspaper cuttings re railways, n.d.
L 89 - notice re Commons - "anyone playing at Quoits or any other game causing injury to the turf of this Common except at a place permitted to be so used will be prosecuted" n.d.
L 90 - Weller Trust leases, reference to £45,000 Mortgage, n.d.
L 91 - memo of Mrs. Packenham's will, 19 July 1837.
L 92 - Public meeting re burning of furze on Common, 1854.
L 93 - TW Tradesmen's Association Annual Dinner programme, 1876, with list of toasts.
L 94 - furze burning on Commons, 1859.
L 95 - plan of Booty's drain , Pantiles, and correspondence, 1910.
L 96 - Cash Book, 1904.
L 97 - Insurance on 50/52 Pantiles, 1954.
L 98 - Stanley Philpot (architect) re 12,14,16,50, 64, 66, 68. 70, 72 Pantiles.
L 99 - approval for alterations to Manor Grange and the Beacon, Rusthall, 1910.
L 100 - letters from Miss Clayton about her Iron Mission Room at Rusthall., 1930.
L 101 - Hughes' Bankruptcy, 30/31 Pantiles, 1908.
L 103 - case re enclosures, 1881.
L 111 - lease of Belleville; Ravenscroft to W. Monnington, 1934.
L 112 - Mr. Roll asking permission to bring waggon on trolley onto Common, 1914, and Miss Adeney asking permission for National Union Women's Suffrage Society to bring waggon onto Common for meeting (granted - fee of 10s.6d., to make good any damage.)
L 113 - instruction for Lithographic writer, referring to plans 1 and 2 (not attached.)
L 114 - original list of contents of large box of Weller Trust papers, n.d.
L 115 - Baird v Mayor of TW - notes of inspection Elias Edwards', c1891.
L 116 - bundles of bills etc. c 1871.
L 117 - bundle of correspondence about objections to site for Gas Works.
L 118 - schedule of deeds for mortgage, estate of Mrs. Shorey, 1818.
L 119 - copy schedule of deeds in covenants of 1879, Weller and others to W.A. K. Craven, 1906.
L 120 - St. Paul's Church, Rusthall - electric cable, plan, 1912.
L 121 - TMMW to Miss Frances Weller and Adam Baird assigning one third of £5400 and £1000 and of securities on trust, on wife and children of TMMW, 1837.
L 122 - Lady of the Manor to Wm. Oliver, grant re gas, drain and water pipes, Manor Road, Rusthall, with plan, 1903.
L 123 - breviate of title to estates conveyed by T.C. Gardener to Captain Weller, c1820; pencilled family tree on reverse.
L 124 - list of furniture brought by Mrs. Weller to Kingsgate, Rolvenden in Nov. 1869. etc., 1880.
L 125 - GG Baird and FO Baird to W.A. Craven; abstract of further charge for securing £3000 and interest endorsed on mortgage of 1879: 1893
L 126 - duplicate of L 125.
L 127 - information sheet about evacuation arrangements, Brighton, 1938.
L 128 - FOB and William Oliver, copy agreement, Erskine Park, Rusthall, 1899.
L 129 - correspondence with Southern Railway re notice board at TW West, includes photo of notice board , 1929.
L 130 - agreement - entrance across Common to London Road, 1951.
D 22 - photographs by George Glanville of TW, large format, mostly mounted on thick card; widening of road at Still Green, Rusthall and scenes near the bandstand on the Pantiles. Excellent photographs, some partly faded, n.d. c1900 ?
D 23 - plan of porch for Mount Edgcombe by Strange and Sons, 1895.
D 24 - large coloured plan on linen, proposed diversion of footpath in Erskine Park Estate area, Rusthall; H. Dabon Day ARIBA, TW, n.d. but c1900.


D 34 - abstract of title of devisees in Trust for sale under will of Mary Robertson widow decd. to an Estate called Bishops Down Grove, TW, 1868. Very large, commences 1815.
tucked in - schedule of deeds to Bishops Down Estate from c1733.
D 35 - legal papers, Baird v Suart, 1900.
D 36 - F.O. Baird, capital account; orders by Electricity Commissioners, Weald Electric Co., 1925; capital account 1901, etc.
D 37 - Thomas Charles Gardener to Robert Sears - copy Mortgage for £500 14 April 1826, with transfer deed 7 Jan. 1892.
D 38 - photo of portrait, unidentified ? naval officer, 19th century.
D 39 - papers in Suart v Baird 1903.
D 40 - similar to D 39.
D 41 - papers in Baird and another v Suart, 1900.
D 42 - Lt. Col. Weller re Bishops Down Park, opinion 1878; two draft contracts for sale of Bishops Down Park to Sir D.L. Salomans, one with large coloured map, 1876; other papers relating to Bishops Down Park.
D 64 - original bundle; Bailiff's accounts 1905-6, 1908-39, 1946; Carters' account 1907.
D 65 - Freehold Tenants' annual accounts, 1931-34, 1936.
D 66 - Encroachment rents (Freehold Tenants) accounts 1905-7, 1910-16, 1919-30.
D 67 - original bundle, Freehold Tenants' annual accounts, 1935, 1937-48.
D 68 - Freehold Tenants' annual accounts, 1908.
D 69 - leather wallet containing (i) letters in original envelopes to Miss R.S. Sword at Portobello, Edinburgh, or c/o Mrs. Weller, Kingsgate, Rolvenden (ii) letter to F.O. Baird with inventory of documents of Miss Sword deceased, 1900 (iii) miscellaneous papers re stocks, tax etc.


D 43, D 43a - report on value of Dick's road to Rustwick, and valuation, 1928.
D 44 - Conservators' consent to American Oil Co. erecting advertisement near Brighton Lake at Agricultural Show, 1926.
D 45 - preservation of Commons - general article, press cutting.
D 46 - Carters' commission on letting property.
D 47 - Andrews v Carlton, shorthand notes of proceedings re playing organ on Common, 1928 (entertaining reading.)
D 48 - Lord Abergavenny's claim to be registered as a Freehold Tenant, with detailed description of holdings, 1926.
D 49 - parking cars on Common - draft case for Counsel, 1927.
D 50 - Carter's Valuation for Estate Duty of Mrs. Weller's estate, very detailed, 1899.
D 51 - Town Planning scheme, TW; public enquiry, 1930.
D 52 - printed TW Town Planning scheme, 1936.
D 53 - printed TW Town Planning scheme with comments added, 1938.
D 54 - copy consent to erect poles and wires across Rusthall Comon, 1888.
D 55 - printed TW Commons byelaws, 1892.
D 56 - mortgage on Forest Lodge TW, Edwards and Beeching, including schedule of deeds, 1881-89.
D 57 - Duke of York - license to assign lease, 1895.
D 58 - cash accounts Col. Weller, 1875-88, Mrs. Weller 1888-90.
D 59 - various licenses to assign leases and consents to underlet, including Pelham House, Hand and Sceptre, St. Helena, 1863-91.
D 60 - 33 the Pantiles, agreement, schedule of repair, inventory of fixtures, 1913.
D 61 - accounts, letting of Commons 1907-13.
D 62 - 64 the Pantiles, agreement with Junior Army and Navy Stores, schedule of repair, 1917.
D 63 - 39 and 41 the Pantiles, agreement with Gas Co., 1914.
A 1 - proposal to buy Manor Lodge, 1930.
A 2 -Topping trees on Pantiles, 1928.
A 3 - Borough Surveyor, sewer at front of GPO premises, 1928.
A 4 - Duke of York assignment of lease, c1928.
A 5 - Southern Railway correspondence with photo of notice board, 1929.
A 6 - Nevill Court Estate, entrance; map showing proposed site, 1930.
A 7 - Baird and another and Mayor etc.; duplicate agreement with plan, electric cables through waste, 1925.
A 8 - street works at Ashley Gardens, 1930.
A 9 - Gas Co. receipt, 1930.
A 10 - sale of goods on Common, 1930.
A 11 - Pantiles pamphlets, maps.
A 12 - letter from A. Dennis, rent query on Manor Villa, 1931.
A 13 - extracts from official forms re tenancies.
A 14 - note re Court Baron, n.d.
A 15 - valuation of Pix's Farm and Sparkes Field, Rolvenden; map, 1922.
A 16 - electric cables - rents payable to Manor, 1940.
A 18 - conveyance of Lloyds House - F.O.B. to the Misses Roberts, 1923.
A 19 - Manor to W.H. Harris Esq, draft lease, right of way.
A 20 - documents in legal cases, not listed but at least 16.
A 21 - letter from Walker to Weller, rent of Manor House, 1875.
A 22 - letter Walker to Weller re summonses issued against persons for Good Friday disturbances, 1875.
A 23 - agreement, F.O.B. and Wm. Oliver, Erskine Park Estate, with map, 1899.
A 24 - envelope of correspondence with Town Hall, repairs to Pantiles, c1913-14.
A 25 - list of contents of "bundle 15", part only of which is listed under A 17-24, above.
A 25a - road built over filled-in pond at Lower Green, 1931.
A 25b - series of photographs to illustrate A 25a.
A 26 - Fonthill, with fine plan, 1931.
A 27 - mortgage, F.O.B to Prudential, £45,000.
A 28 - "sundry letters" re proposed Court Baron, 1924; electric cable, 1925; death of Henry Beeman of Northfield, Langton - heriot due, 1926; tree on Pantiles; Biggs re property tax, Quit Rents, 1925.
A 29 - Property tax on 11 the Pantiles, c1926.
A 30 - underground telegraphs, Spa to Hurst Wood Lane.
A 31 - memo, Lloyds House mortgage, 1923.
A 32 - draft grant to the Rev. Benjamin B. Bennett and wife Fanny, roadway 35 London Road (entrance to Durtnall's) 1874.
A 32a - the same, roadway granted at £3.3.0 p.a.; application to extinguish Manorial rights.
A 33 - letter re Pump Room alterations, 1930.
A 34 - Buckingham House and Great Culverden Estate, 1926.
A 34a,b,c - card re conveyance of Fonthill, claim for encroachment rents 1930; 1867 plan and papers re encroachment etc.
A 35 - notes on cables, n.d.
A 36 - corners at junction of Mt. Ephraim and London Road, 1931.
A 37 - Pix Farm and Sparks Fields Rolvenden, rents ?c1922.
A 38 - Fire insurances c1922.
A 39 - grant to LBSC Railway of 2 pieces of waste near West. Stn. with plan, 1865.
A 40 - specification for alterations to 3/5 the Pantiles (Dusts), with plan, 1927.
A 40a,b - statement for Richardson and Pierce, correspondence and report, 1925.
A 41 - copy will of TMM Weller.
A 42 - electric cables rent account, 1942.
A 43 - bundle of Electricity Corporation encroachments, c1900-43.
A 44 - Weller Trust - "Mr. Wilson's position", 1931.
A 45, A 45a - thick envelope of legal opinions etc. re case of Carlton v Andrews relating to organs played on the Common, sundry rough drafts.
A 46 - rent accounts for electric cables, 1935-39.
A 47 - F.O.B. to A.J.W. Wilson, appointment of new Trustee, 1899.
A 48 - proposed sale of Pantiles - rentals, 1922.
A 48a - proposed sale of property to Corporation, 1922.
A 49 - assignment of lease, 11 the Pantiles, to Mrs. Mabel Campbell Philpot, 1956.
A 50 - Information Bureau (Fish Market) - proposed air raid shelter in basement, 1940.
A 51 - Mr. Weir, letter re cost of production of deeds etc., 1927.
A 52 - proposed garage at St. Helena, 1928.
A 53 - bundle of legal papers, Baird v Suart c1899.
A 54 - abstract of title of Trustees, 1906.
A 55 - rents from Fairs on Common, 1926-35.
A 56 - TMMW and others to W.A. Keppel Craven, 1879.
A 56a - observations on replies to requisitions.
A 57, A 57a,b - case re encroachment on Common (Thos. Downard's shed), with 2 plans of buildings.
A 58 - list comparing tenants of 1832 and 1879.
A 59 - abstract will of Emma R. Suart.
A 60 - TMMW and Sir D.L. Salomons Bt. - covenants for production of deeds, Bishops Down Park Estate, 1876.
A 61 - Mrs. M.A. Weller to Mrs. E.A. Hare, agreement for yearly tenancy of Mount Edgcombe Cottage at £50 p.a.
A 62 - rental of properties for sale at £100,000, 1925.
A 63 - proposed letter to Freehold Tenants from F.O.B. about their antagonistic attitude to him, n.d. ?1920s.
A 64 - notebook - F.O.B., administrator of Miss C, Steuart c1910.
A 65 - G.G. Baird and others to Mr. C.J. Gallard, acknowledgement as to deeds, 1896.
A 66 - sale particulars of Pantiles, 1927.
A 67 - Conservators' meeting agenda, 1927.
A 68 - Burden's bills, Kingsgate Cottages, Rolvenden, 1926.
A 69 - draft Vesting Deed etc., 1927.
A 70 - rentals, n.d., ?c1927.
A 71 - F.O.B. re Weller deceased, correspondence c1899-1901.
A 72 - Mr. Wm. Oliver and Miss E.R. Suart, agreement re Erskine Park Estate, 1898.
A 73 - correspondence re Col. Weller's Trust, 1879.
A 74 - schedule of title deeds, n.d.
A 75 - copy will TMM Weller, 1890.
A 76 - schedule of deeds, Kingsgate, Rolvenden, 1867.
A 77 - notes on mortgage to George Murray, c 1880.
A 78 - draft release, Sion Prospect; W.A.K. Craven to TMMW, 1883.
A 79 - insurance details, Col. Weller's property, the Parade, n.d.
A 80 - TMMW to W A Keppel Craven; draft replies, 1879.
A 81 - notes on Estate duties, mortgages etc. c1879 on.
A 82 - schedule, surrender of leases on Parade, 1886.
A 83 - sale offers etc. Pantiles, 1928.
A 84 - gas papers, 1927.
A 85 - St. Helena, Freehold Tenants' resolution as to enclosure, 1928.
A 86 - Hand and Sceptre cottage, Great Culverden etc. drafts, ?1927.
A 87 - plan of Booty's warehouse re Kelsey v Wilson, n.d.
A 88 - Marquess of Abergavenny enfranchisement, draft award, 1925.
A 89 - Marquess of Abergavenny enfranchisement compensation, 1925.
A 90 - 2 envelopes of papers on law re leases etc.c1926.
A 91 - F.O.B. to E. Elvy Robb, grant of Stewardship, 1910.
A 92 - Licence to place military tank on Common, ? date.
A 93 - schedule of repairs, 64 the Pantiles, 1914.
A 94 - agreement, Trustees of Col. Weller, Mrs. Weller and the Freehold Tenants, and the Conservators, 1891.
A 95 - license for alterations to Pump Room Co., 1915.
A 96 - F.O.B. to Col. Sladen - Licence to erect band stand and place chairs on Common, 1911.
A 97 - copy agreement with Conservators, 1915.
A 98 - grant of land, Russell Place, 1923.
A 99 - valuation for possible purchase of the Springs by the Corporation, 1906.
A 100 , A 100b - electric cables account 1945/6.
A 100 a - electric services account, 1948.
A 101 - fire extinguishers correspondence etc. 1927.
A 102 - Manorial Tax, 1929-30.
A 103 - chalybeate springs papers including references to 1848.
A 104 - TW draft byelaws, 1930.
A 105 - form referring to laying pipes etc.
A 106 - covenant to pay taxes etc., 1936.
A 107 - letters to Russell re removal of furniture by Durtnall on death of Miss Suart, 1905.
A 108 - Walker to Weller, sale of land in Bishops Down Park, 1875.
A 109 - 48 the Pantiles, Mrs. Wiseman's tenancy; inventory; repairs, 1914.
A 110 - Mrs. Weller cash account, 1888-90.
A 111 - draft schedule of leases etc., the Parade, 1886.
A 111a - particulars of leases on the Parade, 1886-90.
A 111b - particulars of leases on the Parade, 1878.
A 112 - schedule of documents re Erskine Park, 1900.
A 113 - Rev. J. Linstatt and others to G.G. Baird and F.O. Baird, Well Field Rolvenden, 1896.
A 114 - Mrs Weller and others and TW Corporation re clauses in TW Improvement Act, 1890.
A 115 - copy settlement of sums of money for benefit of Mrs. Weller and her daughter Miss Steuart, 1894.
A 116 - notice re water main to Nevill Park, 1929.
A 117 - Nevill Court Estate, draft copy agreement for option, F.O.B. and H.E. Bennett, 1929.
A 118 - legal opinion on rights - surface and drainage, 1906.
A 119 - claim to be registered as Freehold Tenant, liability for heriot - Marquess of Abergavenny, 1927.
A 120 - alteration to drains, 4 Pantiles (Boots), plan and correspondence, c1928.
A 121 - mineral springs, specification of works the Dippers wish to carry out at their own expense, 1928.
A 122 - printed Act, TW water supply, 1865 etc.
A 123 - Mount Edgcombe House, proposed alterations; letters and plan, 1929.
A 124 - Nevill Court Estate plans, showing exits to High Rocks, 1929.
A 125 - opinion on TW Improvements Act, 1891.
A 126 - TW Corporation Bill and news cutting, 1928.
A 127 - notes for Counsel re Ashley Gardens, 1931.
A 128 - Andrews and Stone v Baird, legal papers, c1930.
A 129 - letter from Mr. Dick on Common and Spa Hotel, 1893.
A 130 - Carters' account, balance of Manorial account (£581.10.9) 1929.
A 131 - Bredbury and Oakhurst, plan etc., 1931.
A 132 - Nevill Court Estate entrance - further copy of plan, 1930.
A 133 - papers re Ros. M. Searle, mortgage etc., c1899-1900.
A 134 - correspondence on water for Fairs on Common, 1929.
A 135 - Postmaster General agreements, in envelope, 1936.
A 136 - schedule of title deeds of Manor etc., 1880.
A 137 - Miss E.R.M. Suart, account re Settlement of 29 Nov. 1845 on marriage of Alfred Suart and Rosamund Mary Ann ; the Rev. A. Suart died 5 Oct. 1862: 1889.
A 138 - copy will of Tobias Weller of Deal proved 1690.
A 139 - 3 letters re mortgages, 1905.
A 140 - proposed covered way at Mount Edgcombe House, plan, 1905.
A 141 - Weller Trust, licence to Alfred Nicholson to underlet, 1891.
A 142 - letters about documents 1889-1949 sent by S.V. Thorpe to Berry and Berry, 1952.
A 143 - bill of costs to Miss Suart from Tweedie's, 1900-01.
A 144 - draft memo, Weller to Luck, 1896.
A 145 - 10 papers re Weller case etc., c1883.
A 146 - letters re Brighton Lake, TW Common, 1956.
A 147 - map of Mount Ephraim drains, n.d.
A 148 - miscellaneous bundle of letters, papers, empty envelopes etc., various dates.
A 149 - commission - notes re 2nd. mortgage, 1916-35.
A 150 - Bankruptcy Act re E. Hughes,1906.
A 151 - blank forms, agreements between Lady of the Manor and licensees, n.d.
A 152 - rental valuation, Walks Estate, very detailed descriptions of buildings, names of tenants, dates of leases, 1838.
A 153 - list, small mortgage to be condensed by TMMW, n.d.
A 154 - Walker to Weller, rent of Manor House and Manor Lodge, 1876.
A 155 - funeral expenses and other accounts, estate of Robert Weller ( ? or Miss Mary Weller.)
A 156 - Lord Abergavenny consents as a Freehold Tenant to exchange of lands, and building proposed by Col. Weller, n.d.
A 157 - Walker to Weller re placing bandstand on Parade, n.d.
A 158 - estimate for lengthening culvert, Bishops Down (£11), 1814.
A 159 - Walker to Weller re Jessamine Cottage, 1856.
A 160 - Walker to Weller re Edward Strange, plumber's, grant of piece of Common for £12 p.a., 1856.
A 161 - Walker to Weller re Edwards' (drapers) request to bring shop front forward, 1861.
A 162 - Walket to Weller re Lutwidge asking to make new road (Bishops Down Road), 1871.
A 163 - Walker to Weller re Clayton's right of way (Bishops Down Park) also disturbance on Common, 1871.
A 164 - Alleyne to Weller re land purchased by him for £1000, 1853.
A 165 - Alleyne to Weller re increase of Nash's rent from £70 to £100, 1858.
A 166 - memo re 3 leases, n.d.
A 167 - settlement with TMMW, 1842.
A 168 - Col. Weller to Mr. Molyneux - unauthorised removal of a tree, n.d.
A 169 - A. Suart re Manor Grange and Beeches, n.d.
A 170 - agreement with Delves for Manor Villa, rent £120 for one year, 1842.
A 171 - copy of will of Mrs. Shorey spinster dated 1820, leaving Ashburnham House and contents to her niece Rosamund Weller, wife of Francis Weller; Jessamine Cottage to her servant Alice Gringoe for life, and £50 p.a. out of the messuage or lodging house called the Great House ; to her nephew Thomas Christopher Gardener all her manors and residue of real and personal estate, he to be Executor.
A 172 - Messrs. Child to Col. Weller re transfer of deeds, 1884.
A 173 - Lady of the Manor to Mr. Henry Adams, agreement re water pipes, 1891.
A 174 - papers re Parish rates, repairs etc, Bishops Down property, c1840.
A 175 - Scott's offer for land, Bishops Down, 1869.
A 176 - Elias Edwards' report on value of house held by Delves near the Fish Market, 1872.
A 177 - draft advertisements for sale of Manor House, n.d.
A 178, A 178a - prices of lots in Bishops Down Park, 1867.
A 179 - letter from Hans Busk endorsed "Busk's misunderstanding", 1867.
A 180 - correspondence re sale of land at Bishops Down (includes Mr. Colbran) 1860.
A 181 - Elliot's request for extension of lease, 1856.
A 182 - Royal Parade Band, cost of printing adverts. etc, 1844-46.
A 183 - 35/37 the Pantiles, agreement re tenancy of Kemp, 1917.
A 184 - calculations of Wells' property, 1836.
A 185 - Mrs. Weller cash account, 1889-90.
A 186 - accounts 60/66 the Pantiles (Bates), 1939.
A 187 - title to burial plot in Glasgow Necropolis, Lt. Francis Weller RA, 1837.
A 188 - accounts for Ashburnham, 1839-41.
A 189 - disbursements, Bishops Down Park, n.d.
A 190 - Mount Cottage, agreement for tenancy by Maybourne, 1922.
A 191 - miscellaneous papers found loose and put into envelope, various dates.


These relate largely to the Pantiles (earlier "The Parade") hence the prefix P.

P1 - Waller to Elliott ; High House, 1862.
P2 - invitation card to opening of Band Season, addressed to F.O. Baird, n.d.
P3 - Weller to Delves, grocer's premises, 1848.
P 4 - Weller to Burrows, lease of messuage, 1848.
P 5 - Weller to Crispe and Elliott, lease of shop, 1849.
P 6 - Weller to James Sammons, lease of shop, 1849.
P 7 - Weller to Mr. George Bennett, lease of Duke of York, 1846.
P 8 - Mrs. Eliz. Suart to Mr. Henry Selders, lease of Duke of York, 1878.
P 9 - Weller to Edward Durrant, lease of grocer's premises, 1885.
P 9a - Weller to Durrant, draft of same.
P 10 - Baird to Boots - lease, 1926; underlease, Boots to Mr. Archibald Cox, 1928.
P 11 , P 11a - two copies, Baird etc. to TW Pump Room Co, copy Licence, 1913
P 12 - Swan to Wm. Younger and Co. - warehouse on Common, 1944.
P 13 - Mrs. Weller and Col. Weller's Trustees to Groves, lease.
P 13a - G.G. Baird and Mr. Henry Groves, lease 12 Pantiles etc.
P 13b - Groves to Aubin, underlease of 48 Pantiles, 1898.
P 13c - G.G. Baird and H. Groves, agreement, 1896.
P 14 - particulars of leases of Col. Weller's properties in and near the Pantiles, 1886.
P 15 - F.O. Baird to Holes and Davigdor Hygienic Dairies Ltd., lease of 11 Pantiles, 1931.
P 16 - F.O. Baird to Wm. Mailes Power, 46a Pantiles, 1936.
P 16a - draft of the same.
P 17 and P 17a - F.O. Baird to Jupp, 1920; Jupp to Fripp, 1932; James Fripp to J.P. Barrett, 1935; leases and assignments.
P 18 - Robert Elliott to James Booty, premises on the Parade, 1864.
P 18a - Weller to Elliott, consent to underlease, 1864.
P 18b - Weller to Elliott, lease tenements and shops, 1856.
P 19 - Miss E.R.M. Suart and Mrs. Fanny Jane Chennell 11 the Parade, 1902.
P 20 - Weller to Mr. Wm. Wilson, Hand and Sceptre, 1880.
P 21 - T.M.M. Weller to Mr. James Biggs, 13 the Parade, 1885.
P 22 - TMMW to Thos. Semark, Licence to assign premises on the Parade, 1866.
P 23 - TMMW to Mrs. Eliz. Suart, Duke of York, 1876.
P 24 - F.O. Baird to W.T Biggs, 13/15 Pantiles, 1933.
P 25 - L.J.D. Bunker etc. to West St. Motors, East Grinstead, 50/52 Pantiles.
P 26 - Bunker and S.V. Thorpe to R.A. Ashby and others 9 Pantiles.
P 27 - drains, 46a Pantiles, Jarvis (builders) 1936.
P 29 - Groves Lease and sundry papers, Post Office etc., 1897.
P 30 - F.O. Baird to Miss D.E. Gladwell - Fish Market, 1937.
P 31 - 18 the Pantiles, Flat House, 1915, 1936.
P 32 - F.O. Baird to A.J. Pelton, 68 Pantiles, leases, 1908-9.
P 33 - Bunker and Thorpe to Dust and Co., 3/5 Pantiles.
P 34 - the same to George Prentis and Son, 7 Pantiles.
P 35 - the same to Dust and Co., 12,14,16 Pantiles, 1950.
P 36 - the same to Strawson, 33, 39, 41 Pantiles, 1950/52.
P 37 - Francis Weller to Mr. Thos. Lovell - the Swan, 1840.
P 38 - Thos. Chas Gardner to Miss Ann Wicker - the Parade next to Nye (sketch plan); Wm. Claringbold behind or undertenant.
P 39 - F.O. Baird to J. Boot Esq., 4 Pantiles
P 40 - correspondence re E.J. Carter and Tweedie's new lease, 1 Pantiles, 1910.
P 41 - Bunker to Brooks etc., 13/15 Pantiles, 1954.
P 42 - TMMW to Balding and Buss, late Goldstones next to the Hand and Sceptre (2),
P 43 - plan of Pantiles for F.O. Baird re Hand and Sceptre, 1891.
P 44 - leather wallet containing deeds etc. relating to Hand and Sceptre, the property of Mr. Colin Rich, 1885-1930.
P 45 - G.G. Baird etc. to Mr. E.T. Hughes, house and premises "Gloucester."
P 46 - Wm. T. Briggs to G.C.A. Purden, upper 15, Pantiles, 1920.
P 47 - Edward Durrant, offer for lease of 7 Pantiles.
P 48 - F.O. Baird to Mr. F.J.Smith, warehouse, workshop and stables (Swan's) 1933: lease of Swan Hotel to Wm. Younger and Co., warehouse etc.1944.
P 49 - F.O. Baird to Barclays Bank, 2 Pantiles, with plan.
P 50 , P 50a - F.O. Baird to E.H. Marsh etc., Fishmarket, 1938: Marsh and others to the Mayor etc., 1939.
P 51 - typed copy of History of the Pantiles sent to Sir Howard Frank, n.d. Refers to proposed sale of Pantiles, Estate Duty valuation of £90,000 exclusive of mineral springs and Common. Lowest price for the whole is £160,000 - £100,000 for the Pantiles, £60,000 for the Commons and the Lordship.
P 52 - F.O. Baird and G. Newnes, surrender of lease 4 Pantiles, 1905.
P 53 - envelope of correspondence addressed to F.O. Baird; Biggs, 13/15 Pantiles, grocery etc, repairs; very lengthy, with receipts from Thos. Bates and Sons, 1926.
P 54 - F.O. Baird to Mrs. E. Durrant etc., 7 Pantiles, 1935.
P 55 - underlease, Mr. George Burrows to Mr. Henry Hollamby, shop, the Parade, 1872.
P 56 - TMMW to Charles Medhurst Wightwick , shop adjoining Chapel Yard, 1872.
P 57 - TMMW to Thos. Semark, shop on Parade 1865.
P 58 - Francis Weller to Alex. Syme, shop on Parade, 1849.
P 59 - TMMW to Edmund Nye, shop on Parade, 1856.
P 60 - F.O. Baird to T.N. Gammage, 33 Pantiles; acceptance signed by Mrs. Strawson, other papers, 1926.
P 61 - agreement, F.O. Baird to Jesse Boot, 4 Pantiles. Drawing of windows overlooking springs, large coloured drawing of the property.
P 61a,b,c - draft leases, 1904-05.
P 62 - draft lease of Walks, T.C. Gardener and Elizabeth Shorey, 1803.
P 63 - correspondence re building lease, Dusts, c1896.
P 64 - F.O. Baird to Spencer, 2 Pantiles, agreement, correspondence and plan, 1927.
P 66 - TMMW to Golding, Gloucester House and premises, 1864.
P 67 - TMMW to Edward and Hen. Kelsey, Duke of York Inn, 1864.
P 68 - Miss E. Suart to Mr. J. Newnes, dup. agreement, 4 Pantiles, 1904.
P 70 - draft mortgage, F.S. Stanbridge to E. Robins and Son; lease of Duke of York, 1895.
P 70a - F.O. Baird to Isherwood Foster Stacey Ltd, Licence, Duke of York.
P 71 - TMMW to Mr. William Strange, 1857.
P 72 - F.O. Baird to Colin Rich Esq., lease of 46a Pantiles, 1930.
P 73 - conveyance to Isherwood etc., 1933.
P 76 - Indenture between T.C. Gardener and James Botten - cordwainer's shop, Butcher's Row, 1827; Captain Francis Weller, RA to John Holyer, butcher, lease of butcher's shop, and other documents relating to this property.
P 77 - Weller to Mrs. C.J. Tolson, Fish Market, 1895.
P 78 - report, repairs to Post Office, 1897.
P 79 - F.O. Baird to Mrs. K. Dejaram, 66 Pantiles, 1909.
P 80 - F.O. Baird to Frederick Adams and Ernest Stewart Charlton of York Cottage architect re 35/37 Pantiles, 1910.
P 81 - Mrs. Mary Anne Weller and others to Mr. Jas. Booty, 60-66 Pantiles, 1894.
P 82 - Mrs. Longley to Col. Weller, surrender lease, the Parade, 1880.
P 83 - consent to sale, Rev. Edward Saunders, the Parade, 1866.
P 84 - consent to underlease, Robert Elliott to Jas. Booty, the Parade, 1864.
P 85 - memo and letters re Thorley and Beckleys' premises, c1880.
P 86 - F.O. Baird correspondence re 2 and 33, Pantiles.
P 87 - Mr. Argyle's offer for lease of Hand and Sceptre, 1879.
P 88 - TMMW to J. Read; Wm. Thos. Noakes' draper's premises occupied by Samuel Creach Bobbett, 1883.
P 89 - dup. of P 88.
P 90 - Francis Weller to Thos. French, Chapel Alley, 1856.
P 91 - TMMW to John Trice, saddlemaker at Speldhurst, near Chapel Yard, 1863.
P 92 - F.O. Baird to John Ellis, 12/14/16 Pantiles, 1916.
P 93 - F.O. Baird to Rosecleer Mabel Stone spr., 50/52 Pantiles, 1946.
P 95 - F.O. Baird to Mr. E.H. Marsh and others, Fish Market. Coloured plan of proposed frontage for TW Advertising Association, 1938.
P 96 - bundle of correspondence etc., 1887.
P 97 - two copies, one hardbound, of maps and photos in connection with appeal to House of Lords re Pantiles urinal case, 1896.


This box appears to be almost entirely correspondence, agreements etc. relating to the various services - gas, electricity, water; also notice boards, Belisha beacons, traffic signs, telegraph poles etc, in the period c1929-57. The first few bundles have been listed in some detail but the rest (a large and interesting collection) remain unsorted, as found.

D 29 - original bundle; electricity mains, public lamps, Rusthall Mission Road and Lower Green Road, also lamps in Church Road TW, services to Culverden Estate (plan), Common View and Rustwick, Rusthall, etc. Many have Council plans enclosed.
D 30 - correspondence with large plans, map display case on the Pantiles, 1937.
D 31 - Robb and Berry's, then Berry's costs, 1914-34.
D 32 - Services - includes NFS huts at Bredbury; Goose Green, Nevill park estate, 1920 etc.
D 33 - mainly gas services - includes Chancellor House 1941, Royal Chase, Buller's Terrace Rusthall etc.


B 8 - documents relating to Rolvenden.
B 18 - a very mixed collection including; Annie Handley deceased, George Hull deceased, c 1911; objections to costs, Suart v Baird, 1903.
Weller Trust - Miss Suart deceased, income from estate of late John Baird, 1906; draft revenue, Weller Trust, re Miss Suart, 1899; Suart v Baird, accounts etc.
Mrs. J.A. Taylor deceased, codicil to will, 1913; Tweedie and Tweedie, affidavit re costs, 1907; Miss Suart's case, draft papers.
Weller Trust re Miss Suart's Executors, 1906; Baird v Suart, 3 envelopes of papers, c 1903; will of Lt. Col. Weller (copy) 1886.
Ashburnham, Bishops Down, 1931, waste fronting property 1950; Spa Hotel, boundary wall, doorway, 1906; 4 the Pantiles, drains plan, 1905; plan of Booty's, the Pantiles, n.d.
paving of Goodwin Bros., the Pantiles, 1918; Exeter Villa alterations; warehouse on Common, 1933;
New door, 22 Wilbury Gardens Hove - draft correspondence; Law Times, two packets, 1893; Col. Weller's estate, affidavit, 1889; Prudential mortgage, 1928; Estate Duty, M.M. Weller deceased, 1899; copy will of Alexander Johnstone Wilson, 1933.
B 23 - cottages at Rolvenden, water mains, repairs, etc., 1915.
B 27 - inventory of books, pictures and silver at Kingsgate, Rolvenden, 1888.
C 3 - Weller family genealogical notes; proposed sale of heirlooms; dates of silverware, inventory of heirlooms including portraits; inventories etc., mostly at Kingsgate, Rolvenden, very detailed.
C 22 - Rolvenden estate including leases etc. 1889, 1905; valuation of Kingsgate, 1957.
C 24 - very mixed bundle including; Gibraltar Cottage TW, proposed extension of garage, with detailed plan of house by L.R. Benz LRIBA, Eastbourne, 1929; very fine plan on linen of St. Helena, Belleville and cottage adjoining on TW Common, by J.B. Lower, Tonbridge, 1882; abstract of title to Bishops Down estate commencing with will of Sir John Kelley, 1771, to 1829; licence and plan, Rusthall Park estate, 1900; Rusthall Place agreement, 1911; Romanoff Lodge, TW Common, conveyance with plan, 1956; Hand and Sceptre Cottages, 1957; new curbstone on Mount Ephraim, several plans, 1934.
C 25 - mixed bundle including FOB personal etc; 2 Selborne Avenue, Hove.
C 37 - legal papers including printed depositions - Weller v Stone 1882 (includes summing-up in case of 1855), Weller v Kelsey, 1893.
D 1 - large original bundle; printed legal notes etc., Baird v TW Corporation.
D 2 - local papers and cuttings, mostly wartime, c 1939-43.
D 3 - scribbling diary 1881, with many entries about building works ( details of time spent on work etc.)
D 4 - ms book, Weller Trust index of bundles 1 - 9 "sent to the office, 21 June 1933."
D 5 - original bundle, very varied, includes; repairs to mineral springs, 1891; map of Rock Cottage, n.d.; furze on Common - case for opinion of Counsel, 1895; copy cases 1833, 1837; Opinion on effect of 1890 Act and Conservators' Bye-laws; report by Professor Attfield FRS on TW mineral springs, 1895.
Printed report, 1892-3, TW Royal Pantiles Band; memoranda re Kingsgate Cottages, Rolvenden (small notebook); encroachment rents due Michaelmas 1890 (printed form); list of fields, Pix's Farm, Rolvenden.
conversion of Bath House - envelope of correspondence, 1853; particulars of the late Col. Weller's property at Rolvenden; Fire Apparatus - large envelope; Covenants as to Bishops Down Road, 1865; letters etc. to G.G. Baird in Mexico, 1888.
D 6 - original bundle; Weller's Trust, revenue and expenditure 1891-98.
D 7 - original bundle; Curteis Pomfret and Co., closing of Bank Account; correspondence with F.G. Elers, architect, about proposed new house for Mr. Harris, 1895;
copy will of T.M.M. Weller 1886; plan of the Pantiles, proposed electric light supply, 1895; papers in Baird v Mayor of TW, 1895 , re electric supply;
Groves' offer for Post Office on Pantiles, 1896; Pix's Farm, Rolvenden, correspondence and memoranda, 1892-93; Dusts' sewer, Pantiles - thick envelope, 1895; Col. T.M.M. Weller deceased, particulars of tenancies (2), 1892.


B 22 - extensive printed reports, Mayor of TW v GG Baird, FO Baird and Mary Anne Weller widow, 1891.
C 10 - F.O. Baird, book of pencilled notes including some on TW properties, n.d.
C 23 - 3 exercise books, FOB capital account.
C 26 - scrapbook, TW local papers, items generally relating to the Manor, 1895 - c 1931.


Correspondence, 1910, in original bundles 1 to 17.

1 - a very large bundle: Tweedies' Craven and Kingsgate Taxation.
2 - a very large bundle: Weller Trustees ats Burn and Berridge.
3 - Taxation of Burn and Berridge's costs.
4 - Tweedies' Bishopsdown Taxation.
5 - Weller Trustees ats Burn and Berridge, second action.
6 - correspondence relating to Weller Estate generally.
7 - Mr. Baird, personal.
8 - application to repair road in front of Buller's Terrace Rusthall, with plans.
9 - alterations to Star Mews.
10 - 4 the Pantiles; Messrs. Boots windows overlooking the Spring.
11 - Weller Estate - Dipper's Hall.
12 - electric lighting on the Pantiles.
13 - alterations and electric light cables to Gibraltar Cottage, with plans of proposals.
14 - correspondence as to the boundaries of the Manor.
15 - diversion of footpath on the Ashley Park Estate.
16 - Weller Estate - arrears of rent.
17 - passage at side of 2 Selborne Road.


1910 Correspondence, original bundles 18 to 49; a few not found.

18 - Belleville.
19 - sale of Russell Place, Rusthall.
20 - Pantiles improvements.
21 - appointment of Mr. Edward Elvy Robb as Steward of Rusthall Manor, and appointments of Mr. Charles Berry and Mr. W. Maynard as Conservators (copies of official Grants.)
22 - undertaking by Mr. Houshold as to entrance to Spa Nurseries.
23 - Mrs. Jane Saltmarsh deceased - application for enfranchisement.
24 - no. 43 the Pantiles, underletting to Mr. H.D. Brown.
25 - Common Ranger - correspondence.
26 -
27 - Manor Grange - proposed alterations including estimate for works - E. Turner Powell FRIBA. architect.
28 - laying of cobble stones, Fonthill
29 - skating rink etc. on Common.
30 - hoarding in front of Vale Cottage, London Road.
31 - Licence to TW Borough - electricity supply.
32 - no. 70 the Pantiles, proposed extension of lease.
33 - 11 London Road
34 - Tunbridge Wells Club, alterations of gateway.
35 - 66 the Pantiles - Mr. Philpot's offer to rent.
36 - National Telephone Co. - application to lay cable under the Common.
37 - Weller Estate ; Carlton Hotel advertisement board.
38 - application to lay gas pipe to "Warborough", Rusthall.
39 - waste pipe to Spa Hotel stables.
40 - Blair, "Homefield" - application to lay electric light cable.
41 -
42 - Charltons, 35 and 37 the Pantiles.
43 - correspondence re insurance.
44 - roundabouts and "Electric Exhibition" on Common, with large printed poster advertising show: mentions Weary Willie and Tired Tim.
45 - Manor House.
46 - Mrs. Hely-Hutchinson deceased.
47 - list of Court Books etc. handed over by Prudential Insurance Co.
48 - Mr. Baird and Tunbridge Wells Corporation.
49 - 60,62,64 and 66 the Pantiles.


Correspondence 1912, in original bundles,
a few not found.

1/1 - checked gully at Fonthill.
2 - lopping of trees in front of Nevill Lodge, the Pantiles.
3 - application by tenants of 28-44 Common View, Rusthall, for laying of gas service pipe.
4 - proposed drainage work at South View Terrace, Rusthall, with plan.
5 - clearing water surface drain in front of Dusts.
6 - drain to Mr. Ashby's Stables, Eridge Road.
7 - drain to Western House, Bishops Down.
8 - laying electric light cable to 30a the Pantiles.
9 - application by Cook and Silver to affix advert. to iron railings in front of Mr. Groves' premises.
10 - arrears of rent owed by Mr. Holyer, 9 the Pantiles; assignment of lease to R.A. Ashby.
11 - assigning lease, 15 the Pantiles, from Mr. C.J. Dicker to Mr. Edward King.
12 - proposed tenancy by Mr. J. Fitzgerald, 66 the Pantiles.
13 - correspondence re objections to the way the grounds of Manor House are used.
14 - correspondence re enfranchisement (Mr. C.W. Powell.)
15 - nos. 50 and 52 the Pantiles, letting.
16 -
17 - Elvy Robb and Berrys costs, 1910-11.
18 - roadway rear of 39 and 41 the Pantiles.
19 - Weller Trust insurances.
20 - correspondence re certificates to be issued to recognised freeholders and occupiers.
21 - arrears of rent.
22 - letting of Commons.
23 - 50 and 52 the Pantiles - dilapidations.
24 - suggested widening of road to Rusthall Beacon.
25 - tenancy by Mr. Butcher of Booty's premises.
26 - Weller Trust, general correspondence.
27 - 70 and 72 the Pantiles - dilapidations.
28 -Kingsgate, Rolvenden, a very large bundle.
29 - 99 Cromwell Road, Hove.
30 - removal of furniture from store at Edinburgh.
31 - Mrs. Rougier's journey to Edinburgh - a large and interesting file about the arrangements made for this lady (evidently an invalid) by Mr. Baird.
32 - 20 Wilbury Gardens Hove.
33 - Mrs. Rougier's will.
34 - repayment of loan - Mrs. Handyside deceased.
35 - Mr. Baird, personal.
36 - correspondence in local press re suggestion to buy the Lord of the Manor's rights.
37 - application - electric light cable under road to Bull's Hollow.
38 - Marl Pit, Rusthall Common, converted into Bowling green by Rusthall Bowling Club
39 - repairs to steps to Belleville.
40 - gravel walk on the Pantiles.


Correspondence, 1911, in original bundles 1 to 49 (48 not found.)

1 - trees on the Pantiles - only to be cut 8' up, wires to be adapted to trees' growth, etc.
2 - furnished house at Edinburgh; arrangements for journey, etc. Several attractive letter headings.
3 - water pipe to Warden House (one guinea p.a. plus 5s. to open ground.)
4 - District Valuer applying for plans of Manor, and of properties including Common View, South View, Buller Terrace and Brickfield Cottages, Rusthall.
5 - application to repair Carlton Hotel stables.
6 - electric light, London Road; plan.
7 - removing sand at Denny Bottom. Plan, photographs and correspondence.
8 - gas main, Lower Green - Erskine Park Road, Rusthall.
9 - notice board for Church.
10 - new drain, new Bank premises, Russell Place; sketch plan.
11 - water pipe to 34 London Road (1 guinea per annum )
12 - alterations to Kentish stables for motor garage, motor pit and advertisement.
13 - sign post, Rusthall Common; normal fee charged; discussion as to ownership.
14 - sewer, London Road ; vitriolic letters, court case threatened; plan.
15 - Boyne House; letters about Manor boundary, with sketch plan.
16 - Lloyds House; assignment of lease; removal of cedar tree.
17 - alteration of position of stay to telegraph pole outside Post Office.
18 - letting of Common ; various correspondents.
19 - White Hart Inn, Lower Green Road, new front; sketch map on letter.
20 - kerb in front of Post Office; good map.
21 - gas and water mains, Clarence Road.
22 - Fishmarket, the Pantiles.
23 - Mrs.. Lloyd; gravelled path to Gibraltar Cottage. Miss Kent, lessee, pays 2 guineas p.a.
24 - proposed motor house at Lloyds House. Major Handley would benefit, therefore should pay extra £10 p.a.
25 - 12 and 13 London Road; query on quitrent or encroachment rent, £1 per annum.
26 - new sewer at Bishops Down; map.
27 - electric light to 26 Eridge Road; landlord refuses to pay. Proposed that tenant pay £10 and remove cable at end of her 3 year term.. She had already had the house wired but if she will not pay even the reduced amount of £5 for access "the matter must drop."
28 - footpath to Co-op shop; sketch and map.
29 - Public Rights of Way Bill; James Falconer writes to Baird that it has little chance of passing into law.
30 - electric cable to 30 Nevill Park; Marquess Abergavenny ( 1 guinea per annum.)
31 - electric light pipe through the waste to 7 Nevill Park ( 1 guinea per annum.)
32 - Mr. Yates; footpath to Rusthall Place formerly Stoneleigh and water pipe; plan (2 guineas per annum.)
33 - telegraph cable to Solrig, Eridge Road; plan from National Telephone Co. Ltd. offices, 15 Dudley Road TW.
34 - new undertaking re notice board at Carlton Hotel, Messrs. Leney and Sons; previous Licensee Mr. William Marshall bankrupt (10s. p.a.)
35 - Mr. A.A. Cundell to stand motor car beside 18/19 London Road. Beautiful letterhead with horses and carriages (£3 p.a.)
36 - Garage, London Road, Winser and Co; plan.
37 - old music gallery otherwise The Cabin - repairs to roof ( Mr. Baird thinks John Jarvis too expensive.)
38 - Mount Ephraim Hotel encroachment rent.
39 - agents' accounts as Bailiffs; Bostock's Menagerie, etc.
40 - a large bundle - general Weller Estate correspondence.
41 - Rusthall Cricket Club re water service pipe on Common; includes the Club's annual report for 1910-11.
42 - Mr. Baird, personal.
43 - insurances.
44 - drain through waste at the Spa Hotel; rough sketch map. Beautiful Spa Hotel letterhead.
45 - Tunbridge Wells and Counties Club, London Road - application to remove grass in front of pavement; plan.
45b - arrears of rent.
46 - A. Baird's Trust from 1909.
47 - Band and refreshments.
48 -
49 - Counsel's notes re entails; rough sketch Weller family tree.


Correspondence, 1916, in original bundles, some missing but difficult to assess how many because of the reference system adopted for this year.

1/1 - drain on Pantiles - correspondence with Boots.
1/2 - Rusthall - trees in encroachment at Rust Hall; permission to fell refused.
1/3 - Band on Common; also includes details of house furnishing.
1/4 - showman on the Pantiles; Punch and Judy.
1/5 - letting of Common; includes list of various people (including military) using the Common 1907-1915.
1/6 - fire insurances.
1/7 - rent arrears.
1/8 - electric cable to Warboro Lodge, Rusthall, connection from transformer chamber at Holmfield.
1/9 - Dornden; manorial rights, 15s.2d. for 6 years quitrent; assessment of heriot.
2/1 - Swan Hotel; arrears, lease to Mr. W. Spencer Schultz , distraint, etc.
3/1 - Heriots; Mrs. Olive Vernon, Mr. H.Middleton Rogers, Miss Elizabeth Kenrick, Mrs. H.M. Caley, Mr. Thomas Boys, Mr. Wm. Brackett, Mr. Henry Taylor.
3/2 - William Lord Abergavenny deceased - Heriots (£65 received for commuted Heriots.)
3/3 - Weller Trust; new tree on Pantiles, subsidence on Common, clothes line posts (Mrs. Reed), Mount Edgecombe Hotel, reduction of rent; also Rolvenden properties.
4/1 - Mr Baird - personal.
5/2 - meetings of Commons Conservators; tree at Rusthall Place, application to Losses Commission re military rifle range on Common.
5/3 - 48 the Pantiles; tenancy of Mr. A.S. Wiseman.
5/4 - 35 and 37 the Pantiles; Charlton and Adams. Death of Mr. E. Charlton, son John Charlton, lease taken over by Mr. Kemp.


Correspondence, 1917, in original bundles. Some bundles are missing but, again, it is difficult to assess how many.

1/1 - fire insurances.
1/3 - shed adjoining Kentish Hotel stables.
1/4 - P.O. Telegraph works under London Road etc; plans.
1/5 - 60 and 62 the Pantiles - arrangement with Butcher on his having to join the Army; subsequently died in action in October 1917. Sale of effects, catalogue, inventory Letter of condolence to the widow from Mr. Baird - "he was one of my best tenants."
1/6 - Manor Lodge - death of Mr. F.W. Elers, lease to Mr and Mrs. R.I Bloxham. Installation of electric light.
1/7 - 11 the Pantiles; termination of tenancy by Collings. Proposed tenancy by South of England Dairies Ltd.
1/8 - Well Field, Rolvenden - proposed tenancy by Wm. Russell.
1/10 - electric light cable to Somerville, Mount Ephraim.
1/12 - Hand and Sceptre Hotel - underletting by Jude Hanbury and Co. to Wm. Henry Eldon..
1/13 - Conservators' meetings - application to asphalt the path at the top end of Lower Green Road; waste strip by side of pathway in Mount Ephraim tarred by order of Conservators.
1/14 - cricket and football grounds on Commons.
1/15 - trees on Pantiles; removal of dead tree opposite Swan Hotel; report as to tree opposite Ellis's.
1/16 - correspondence with lessees of the public houses in Tunbridge Wells with reference to payment by lessor of proportion of increased licence duty under Financial Act, 1912.
2/1 - Finance Act 1910; correspondence with District Valuer etc; plan of Pump Room.
2/2 -
2/3 - Pix's Farm, Rolvenden; proposed lease to Mr. Stephen Barden.
2/4 - Public Rights of Way Bill.
2/5 - Weller Trust; general correspondence, including application by military to cut gorse on Common; roadway across Common from High Street, Rusthall; path to St. Helena.
2/6 - Mr.F.O. Baird, personal, 2 bundles in one.


Correspondence, 1908, in original bundles, some missing.

2/2 - Weller Trust Estate, general.
2/3 - Swan Hotel; certificate as to rent of house and premises.
2/4 - complaints about telephone service, F.O. Baird; a large file.
2/5 - boundary of the Manor near Dust's premises at end of the Pantiles.
2/6 - arrears of rent.
2/7 - poles on Common.
2/8 - general correspondence, not examined.
2/9 - Mrs. James's proposed passage to Canada; large and interesting file, including Allan Line ships' plans, brochures, postcard etc., and Thomas Cook's "Ocean sailing list ". Passage eventually booked on "Parisian" London- Montreal.
2/10 - underletting of Hand and Sceptre Hotel to Mr. Edwards.
2/11 - Mr. F.O. Baird, personal.
[ my numbering 3/1/] - large apparently un-numbered bundle; Edward Thomas Hughes, grocer, 39 and 41 the Pantiles, bankrupt; large poster printed in black and red offering stock of shop at auction.

Correspondence, 1909, in original bundles, some missing.

1/5 - 64 and 66 the Pantiles; tenancy of Messrs. Lancaster and Cunningham.
2/2 - Weller Estate correspondence re insurance.
2/3 - Mr. F.O. Baird, personal.
2/4 - 4 Selborn Road, Hove.
3/1 - drain through Waste of Manor to Miss Mann's house in Eridge Road.
3/2 - pipes (gas etc.) to "Hill Brow" Mount Ephraim.
3/3 - electric light cable to "Stoneleigh."
3/4 - supplemental water service and pipe to Mr. Hyde's garden, 5 Nevill Park.
3/5 - 39 and 41 the Pantiles; application for wine and spirit Licence; plans.
3/6 - Lady Stephenson deceased; Heriot - pony seized for "Holmfield" , Rusthall,and sold for 12 guineas.
3/7 - Mrs. McClean deceased; four Heriots seized for Rusthall House - horse, sow and two young pigs, sold for "disappointing" total of £34.14s.0d. Counsel's opinion on seizure of Heriots ("not favourable.")
3/8 - Cawston deceased, Heriot in respect of Ashbourne House, Bretland Road; Mr. Cawston was an NCO in the Yeomanry and his charger was seized and sold for £40.
3/9 - Highbury; use of part of premises as Office.
3/10 - proposed rounding off of corners of Major Yorke's Road at junction with Hungershall Park and Fir Tree Road; 1/500 plan. "Mr. Baird does not see his way to consent..."
3/11 - proposed widening of roads by Mr. H. Middleton and others; sketch plans of Tea Garden Lane.
3/12 - Mr. F.O. Baird's correspondence with National Telephone Co. Ltd., Brighton; (letterhead with decorative bell); complaint about call from Seaford to Hove.
3/14 - 60 to 66 the Pantiles; tenancy of room over entrance hall leading to premises.
4/1 - arrears of rent.
5/1 - Weller Estate, general correspondence; a large bundle, very varied.


Correspondence, 1913, in original bundles, apparently only two missing.

1 - 39 and 41 the Pantiles, letting.
2 - 33 the Pantiles.
3 - 9 the Pantiles; proposed alteration to bedroom on second floor.
4 - houses being built by the Marquess of Abergavenny in Eridge Road abutting on the Common; plan.
5 - F.G. Smart deceased; Heriot in respect of "Bredbury." Cow seized and sold for £15.
6 - proposed extension of Pump Room.
7 - proposed Meteorological Station of Tunbridge Wells Common.
8 - letting of Common; includes cards with photographs of (i) Mr. Lindon Long, tenor ("accepts engagements for concerts, at homes etc.") and (ii) swingboats, copy of trade newspaper "The World's Fair" with advertisements for letting of TW Common . A particularly interesting file, with applications from various local bodies for use of Common, including anti - Home Rule and Women's Suffrage meetings.
9 - electric light main at Lower Green Road; applications for electric light service cables to "Gypeswic" and "Yewbank".
10 - Weller Estate; grants by Miss Suart (former Lady of the Manor); encroachment rents etc. A large and interesting file.
11 - rights of the Lord of the Manor as to easements.
12 - sale of Stocks, Mr. F.O. Baird.
13 - proposed new entrance to Toad Rock Tavern from Apsley Street.
14 - telegraph pole at Kentish Stables.
15 - application from Marquess of Abergavenny's Agent to make roadway across Rusthall Common to stables in rear of 1/2 Nevill Park; plan, agreement.
16 - arrears of rent.
17 - Weller Estate, general.
18 - breakage of arched drain, "Fonthill"; F.O.B. has no objection to Corporation connecting house into sewer; two plans.
19 -electric light cable to St. Paul's Church, Rusthall.
20 - 33 the Pantiles (Sheffield House); Mr. A.T. Kemp, furniture dealer - tenancy of 3 years at £45 p.a.
21 - insurances on Weller Trust properties; the only properties not included in the Prudential policy are Belleville; Red House (Sun Fire Office); Manor House (Ocean Accident and Guarantee); Manor Grange (North British and Mercantile.) Very large bundle.
22 - Mr. F.O. Baird, personal. A huge bundle, not examined.
23 - the Rev. T.R.R. Stebbing asks for road to Ephraim Lodge to be repaired; correspondence also includes alterations and new lease.Mr. Baird thinks Mr. Stebbing should share the cost, alleges that rent had to be asked for twice (Mr. Stebbing states first letter not received - suggests humorously that militant suffragettes may have destroyed it.)
23a - draft lease of Ephraim Lodge.
24 - application from T.W. Borough Engineer to extend electric light cable and erect new public lamp in Waste near York Road and Limehill Road.
25 - assignment of lease for Fishmarket from executors of Chapman to Mr.P.L.Knee; lighthearted letter suggesting work should be done while Mr. Cripps is on holiday in Scotland as he would "put stopper on ". Beautiful letterhead on reference for Mr. Knee from W. Saunders. References also to marlpit, trees etc.
26 - Motor sign ("dangerous corner") erected on Waste in High Rocks Lane; Commons Ranger says Borough Surveyor had it erected; plan on tracing paper.

[no box I]

Correspondence, 1914, in original bundles, a few missing.

1 - "The Cabin", 43 the Pantiles; H. Brown deceased; Executor's liability for rent etc; tenancy agreement to Miss Lewis.
2 - 15 the Pantiles, arrears.
3 - Warehouse on Common (Booty's) for use as motor house; repair of roadway - rough sketch.
4 - 64 the Pantiles; tenancy by Mr. Butcher of upper part as furniture store - extra insurance.
5 - water service pipe to Admiral Lucas's Mews, rear of Mount Ephraim (Culverden Mews.) one guinea rent due from the legatees of the Hon. J.M.O. Byng deceasaed - paid July 1926; plan.
6 - 39 and 41 the Pantiles; proposed tenancy by TW Gas Co. while their offices are being rebuilt. Lengthy correspondence re fittings etc; draft tenancy agreement.
7 - various, including; trees at Spa Hotel "illegally" cut down by order of the Borough Surveyor; no objection to timber being used as firewood by Belgian refugees (October 1915); steps at Belleville.
8 - riding course on Common - request from Tradesmen's Association (turned down.)
9- Admiral Lucas deceased; various reports.
10 - alterations to Dusts, 1 the Pantiles.
11 - electric light cable to Bretlands, Bretlands Road Rusthall - sketch plan (3 guineas per annum fee.)
12 - newspaper collection boxes, for inmates of the Union and the General Hospital (much appreciated by them.); notice boards advertising Pump Room.
13 - trees at Nevill Lodge; one is in the grounds of the Pump Room, but the other can be trimmed by Mr. Charlton; query if The Cottage, Hungershall Park is held by Miss Cumming on a building lease from the Marquess of Abergavenny.
14 - pillar box at Lower Green; not granted as the GPO "trespassed" under the roadway outside the main Post Office.
15 - electric light cable to Spa Hotel.
16 - tree on Pantiles cut down by Corporation.
17 - F.O. Baird enquiring into possibilities of coal under TW Common.
18 - LB and SC Railway - wish to enlarge notice board in Eridge Road; F.O. Baird's suggestion of 7 guineas p.a. turned down (charge for existing small notice board is 10s. p.a.)
19 - footpath made by Dr. Abbott to Rusthall Park Road; plans.
20 - Post Office asks to erect telegraph pole on Rusthall Common near Post Office.
21 - alterations to Star Mews, 14-16 London Road; £40 and deal with Freehold Tenants proposed, turned down; fragile plan and sketch map.
22 - lease to Mr. Barrett of The Cabin; good coloured drawing; abstract of Covenants in leases.
23 - Conservators' meetings; public use of footpath at Belleville; gorse sub-committee.
24 - 9 London Road; alterations by Mr. Pullin to shop front, small tracing of proposals.£ 21 fee.
25 - arrears of rent.
26 - Fire insurances.
27 - letting of Common
28 - Weller Estate, general; large bundle, includes attractive engraved acknowledgement cards from Waterlows.
29 - complaint by Collings about Ashby (butchers) - noisy refrigeration machinery at 6-7 the Pantiles - Mrs. Collings on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
30 - Corporation Band on Common, etc. - large bundle.
31 - enclosure in front of Spa.
32 - correspondence with Central American Association Ltd re 150 shares in name of Col. T.M.M. Weller deceased.
33 - 13 the Pantiles; plan of roof, request for help in cost of re-roofing; other topics including drinking trough for military on the Common.


Correspondence, 1915, in original bundles, some missing.

1/1 - 68 the Pantiles; determination of lease by Mr. Pelton, £9) dilapidations paid; specification of repairs.
1/2 - Conservators' meeting; trees near Grand Hotel, stables, etc.
1/3 - platform for musicians at Pantiles.
1/4 - 5. Encroachment rent for 25 Eridge Road.
1/5 - water pipe to Western House (2 guineas p.a.)
1/6 - sand from Common; possible sale at 5s. per load. Correspondence and details of other sands and prices. Estimate of £50 per 1000 cubic yards by Goodwin Bros. of St. John's Road.
1/7 - 13 the Pantiles; assignment of lease, Mrs. Biggs' Executors to W. Tyrell Biggs.
1/8 - 50 and 52 Back Pantiles; determination of lease by Hall and Co.
1/9 - Insurances.
1/10 - 46 the Pantiles, determination of lease by Mr. Aubin, Court dressmaker.
1/11 - widening of entrance to Holmfield, Mr. Thomas Boys; sketch plan.
1/12 - Adams.
2/1 - letting of Common; damage by military waggons - includes copy of "The
World's Fair" trade paper, 18 Dec. 1915.
2/2 - action of police in stopping Bidall from playing organ on Common.
2/3 - arrears, Charltons.
2/4 - Weller Estate, general.
3/1 - 18 the Pantiles; electric light, cellar, windows; writ re passage, cellar, rent etc. Nicholson. Copy will of Alfred Nicholson, Flat House; notes on legal situation in 1883; plan from 1739 map and drawing.
3/2 - Mrs. W. Bowman; Heriot seized re Spring Cottage, New Town, Rusthall. Correspondence with her solicitors Stone Simpson, with copy will of William Bowman dated 19 June 1874.
3/4 - Groves; assignment and arrears, a large bundle including attractive letterhead of the Flat House Wool Shop, 12 the Pantiles.
3/5 - £40,000 mortgage, Prudential on Weller Trust - increased rate.
4 - Mr. Baird, personal (not examined.)
5/1 - Pantiles paving repairs; dispute as to whether Baird or Corporation to pay.
5/2 - Water pipe to Culverden Golf Course; reference to deeds of Sir David Salomons, sketch map.
5/3 - notice boards opposite 12, 14, 16 the Pantiles.
5/4 - Mr. Delves, accounts.
5/5 - electric cable, 10 Nevill Park .
5/6 - 50 and 52 the Pantiles; temporary lease to Miss Wotherspoon for War Hospital Supply Department as flower and fruit market.
5/7 - Kentish Hotel Stables; assignment of lease to Messr. Rawson, architect's plan of proposed additions etc.
5/8 - notice from Town Clerk regarding fence to sandpit at Denny Bottom. Interesting correspondence.
5/8a - 2 the Pantiles; Spencer surrenders lease to Messrs. Boots; attractive letter heading.


B 10 - various documents relating to Tenterden.
B 12 - papers in Baird v Mayor of TW, urinal on Pantiles.
B 15 - a very mixed bundle, includes - conveyance of Advowson of Waldringfield, Suffolk; Lloyds House, Bishops Down; Rev. Percival Smith and others to FOB, Rolvenden, 1899; summons to quit Lealands, Groombridge, 1886; Powell executors' papers, 1890; Miss Suart's mortgage, 1890; deed of assignment on marriage of the Rev. A. Suart and Rosamund Mary Ann ... , 1870; Marriage Settlement, Servantes, 1856; presentation of Rev. A. Suart to Waldringfield, 1862; abstract of deed of 1848 re Waldringfield, 1861.
C 8 - book, capital and personal estate account, also Manor of Rusthall mortgages etc., c1890-98.