Memo that we the inhabitants of Saleby cum Thoreshroppe aforesaid doe by these presents make an assessment of 20d for every score of acres of pasture meadow and arable land throughout the same parish to be paid as well by outfarmers as inhabitants unto James Carrington and Robert Scott, constables for and towards the discharginge of the constables charge and other perquisites imposed upon the said parties by constables and to be by them collected and disposed in the affairs of the said towne as they shalbe thereunto necessatitated and required. In witness whereof we the inhabitants aforesaid have hereunto sett our hands the (?) day of May 1646.

Thomas Smyth, William Palmes, Nathaniel Thewe and William Wiley.

On dorse:

Received 24th October of Mr William Palmer 5/-
Chr Veale 20d
Mr Bartholemew Smyth 5/-(?)
more 5/8
Tho Smyth 2/6
William Goorie(?) 2/6
William Mason 5/-(?)
Widd Smyth ?
William Johnson in part 3d(?)
Christopher Veale 4/3
Robert Hickman 3/4(?)
Ja Hickman 2d
Thomas Smyth 7/7
Mr Ed Palmer 3d
Widow Glamer 3d
Thomas Coupland 2d
Mr Thew 6/-
Martin Smyth 4d
Francis ------- 10d
Widow Smith 2/9
Mr Thornton 20d
Richard Hempsall 10d
Peter Granger 2d
Christopher Beswicke 2d
Richard Piggett 2d
Robert Cape in part of 16d 12d