Fred at MIDEM in 1984

I was first introduced to Fred Faber by Dave Fagence of Stage Coach Records in Haslemere, when I was looking for someone to promote the first release on my newly formed record label Mach 1 Records. A record promoter, or plugger, was a necessity in 1982, and Fred proved his worth. He obtained a number of plays on BBC Radio 2 for a song I had written called 'How Can I Be Sure' recorded by Panache, a studio band. I seem to recall the only one on Radio 2 who would not play it was Terry Wogan.

A friendship developed. Fred was a lovely man who worked on a number of other releases of mine. His biggest success as a plugger was for the song 'Save Your Love' by Renee and Renato. I remember being with Fred at BBC Radio 1's offices when he was told it had just gone number 1 in the charts. A mega hit, and we both went out to celebrate. Like me he had a fondness for red wine.

Sadly Fred is no longer with us. He died after an accident some years ago. I cannot begin to describe his interesting career here in full, but can say that he is sorely missed by many people.