Born - Died in or before 12 Henry VIII (1520-1521)


His wife was named Margery, late the wife of Robert Barker of Sibton. She had died before 30 Henry VIII. Nicholas had children:

1 Marian, ca 1510, who married Peter Woodward.
Nicholas, born ca 1516, and died in 1552.
3 John, died in 1531.
4 a daughter who married Rout.

He had left a will, by which all his lands were to be held by his widow Margery during the minority of their sons Nicholas and John. Nicholas is stated to have been of full age and was admitted to lands his father held in 8 Henry VIII, John having died.

Margery married John Waller, gentleman, a year after a her husband's death, ie in 13 Henry VIII. Together with his wife he was admitted tenant for life to a tenement in Sibton (Kelsale Court Roll).

A Nicholas Jacob made fealty for lands held of Kelsale manor in 9 Henry VIII. This could relate to this man's son, Nicholas having died, or more probably to this Nicholas.

Contemporary with this Nicholas was a William Bradlaugh alias Jacob. He made fealty for a tenement in Ubbeston in 18 Henry VII and in Sibton 9 Henry VIII (Sibton Court Roll). He had died by 24 Henry VIII, after the previous court for Sibton manor had been held (Sibton Court Roll). We know his wife was named Agnes, as a John Back surrendered a tenement in Peasenhall which he had by the surrender of William Jacob and Agnes his wife in 20 Henry VIII.

Marian was aged 24 in 36 Henry VIII (Sibton Court Roll) and was admitted to a cottage in Sibton which Margery, Nicholas's widow, held during Marian's minority after her father's death in or before 12 Hen VIII.

Contemporary with this William was a John Jacob who in 1487 held land in Hacheston (Kettleburgh Manor Extent).


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