from Kent

This pedigree was compiled by Dr Teddy Church.


Thomas Allard of Sandherst, in Kent, whose will is dated 12th March 1481, and was proved on 9th May 1492. He married Joan, daughter of John Bourne of Sandherst. They had children:

1 Elicia.
2 Henry, of Hadingley, will proved 22nd November 1524. His wife was named Joan.
3 William.

Henry and Joan had children:

1 Thomas, who in 1524 was not yet aged 26. His wife was named Joan. More of them later.
2 Henry of Cranbrook. His wife was named Alice. More of them later.
3 William.
4 John, buried at a great age on 22nd November 1584.
5 Robert of Cranbrook, fl 1552.
6 Christopher.
7 Humphry.

Thomas and Joan had children:

1 Robert, an alderman of Rochester, who died on 3rd of June, and was buried on 6th June 1593 (PCC 59, Nevill), aged 60. He married three times. By his first wife Helen Hamond he had a son:
1 Henry, baptized on 25th March 1564. He had children:

1 Henry, baptized 25th March 1564.
2 Richard, baptized 26th January 1566, he married Elizabeth Gilla on 16th January 1692 .
3 John.
4 Ann.
5 Mary.
6 Elizabeth.

Henry had children:

1 Elizabeth, baptized on 5th January 1594.
2 Richard, buried aged 2 1/4 in 1593.
3 Ann, buried 23rd August 1592.
4 Henry, baptized 28th August 1589.
5 Richard, baptized 26th January 1600.
6 Frances, baptized 4th June 1638.

Robert Alard, alderman of Rochester, married secondly Joan, by whom he had children:

1 Phoebe, baptized 26th April 1576. She married John Berry of Lydd.
2 Susan, baptized 17th January 1573-4. She married Peter Henden, as his second wife. His first wife had been Gertrude Stede.
3 Francis, who married Rose, daughter of John Woolgate of Stockbury.

Robert married thirdly Thomazine Fisher. They had children:

1 Thomazine.
2 Elizabeth, who married ----- Gebben on 16th January 1592.

Henry Alard, the second son of Henry Alard of Hadingley, was of Cranbrook. He married Agnes, sister of Peter Courthorpe. His will was dated 1st April 1569, proved on 6th July 1569, and he was buried on 11th April 1569. His wife Agnes was buried on 9th July 1576. They had children:

1 Richard.
2 Francis, whose will was proved in 1597.
3 Joan.

Robert, the third son of Henry Alard was also of Cranbrook. His adminstration was granted in 1552. He had children:

1. ---------
2 Robert, of Wye, will dated 10th January, proved 23rd July 1593. His wife Hellenor's will was dated 20th April, proved 11th April 1595.
3 ---------

Their first son had a son named William, of Whitehill, Boughton Aluph. His will was proved 24th July 1599 (SKS, A51/287). He had children:

1 Mary, baptized 1567.
2 Anne, baptized 1570.
3 Robert (?), baptized 1574.
4 George, baptized 1578.