Of St Nicholas-at-Wade, in Thanet, Kent.


Reverend John Bridge, who died in 1590, had issue, among whom

John Bridge of Harbeldown, who died in 1646, married Maria Clocys and had, among other issue

Thomas Bridges of St Nicholas-at-Wade, born in 1612, died in 1670. He married Elizabeth Hart. They had issue:

1 Robert Bridges, died in 1737.
2 Edward Bridges, born in 1685
3 John Bridges, died in 1708.

Edward married Elizabeth Wood. They had issue:

1 Thomas Bridges, born in 1757, died in 1821
2 Edward Bridges, died in 1765.

Thomas Bridges married Ann Jacob, daughter of Edward Jacob of Faversham FSA. They had issue:

1 Godfrey Faucett Bridges DD, who married and had issue.
2 Thomas Edward Bridges.

Edward Bridges married Mary Sankey and had issue:

1 Edward Bridges, died in 1789.
2 John Bridges, born in 1759, died in1823.

John Bridges married Elizabeth Denne and had issue:

1 John Thomas Bridges of St Nicholas-at-Wade, born in 1805, died in 1853. He married Harriet Elizabeth Affleck and had issue:

1 John Affleck Bridges, born in 1832, who married Henrietta Phillips.
2 George Theodore Bridges, born in 1862.
3 John Thomas Bridges, born in 1871.
4 Thomas Bridges.