Variously described as Brockhull, Brockhill and Brockhall.


Sir Waresius de Brockhull, knight had a son William (fl 1285-1286)

This William had two sons, William (flourished 1313-1314) and Sir Thomas, knight

Sir Thomas had sons Sir John, knight, of Saltwood in Kent and Thomas of Calehill in Kent. Thomas married Joan ----- and they had two sons John (who died before 5 Henry V) and Thomas.

Sir John of Saltwood married Ida, the daughter of John de Criol. She was related to and was the heir of John de Criol. They had a son William.

William of Brockhull had sons Thomas (fl 4 Richard II - 5 Henry V) and Nicholas.

Nicholas married Catherine, the daughter of either Adam or Andrew Wood.

They had a son William who married Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Hever.

They had a son Edward of Aldington, who married Mildred, the daughter of ---- Ellis of Kennington.

They had a son Henry of Aldington, who married Margaret, the daughter of Hugh Catelyn

They had daughters Martha and Ann, who were co-heirs. Martha married William Plumber (?) and Ann married John Tailor of Thurnham.



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