Of Elverton, Ospringe and Faversham in Kent

in the 13th century

Extracted from A Faversham Biographical Register (2nd edition), by Kenneth Jacob

William de Elverton, fl 1200-1250. He had sons:

1. Godard de Elverton, fl 1254, who had sons:

1. Nicholas de Elverton, fl 1284.
2. Ralph de Elverton.

2. William de Elverton, who died before 1261. He had sons:

1 John de Elverton, clerk, fl 1251-1262.
2 Robert de Elverton.
3 Henry de Elverton. His wife was named Legarda. He fl 1251, and died in 1266

3 Richard de Elverton, fl 1254, and died in 1257. He had sons:

1 Nicholas de Elverton, fl 1282-1289.
2 Benedict de Elverton, who died in 1261.
3 William de Elverton, who died in 1261. He possibly had sons:

1 William, fl 1280s.
2 Godard.
3 John.

4 Robert de Elverton.

Outside of this skeleton pedigree is:

Thomas de Elverton, whose wife was named Sybil. They had sons:

1 John fl 1277.
2 Robert, fl 1287.

The manor of Elverton was situated in Stone next Faversham. The family that took their name from it held signifiant property in the immediate area. The manor was held of the Prior and Monks of Canterbury Cathedral. There are a number of other members of this family I have as yet not been able to add to the above pedigree. However, given time I hope to be able to do this. One member of the family adopted the name Blundel - for what reason, I have not yet discovered.