Julian Le Grand, a native of Bailleuil, a town in Flanders, had a son Anthoine Le Grand, whose will is dated 22nd December 1660.

Anthoine married Marie Le Clerq. They had children:

1 Marie, born in 1642. She married Jaques Lizy on 13th September 1663.
2 Pierre, bapt 21st November 1647. He was buried in St Peter's churchyard, Canterbury. He married Anne Lizy and they had children.
3 Abraham Le Grand, a silk weaver, bapt 23rd June 1650, he married Elizabeth Dombrain
4 Jean, bapt 28th September 1658. died 1st February 1718. Buried in St Peter's

Marie Le Clerq married John Menche after Anthoine's death.

Pierre Le Grand and Anne Lizy had children:

1 Marie
2 Pierre, aged 19 on 16th December 1666; he married Anne Harrison of St Alphage, Canterbury. They had 7 children.
3 Abraham, aged 15 on 16th December 1666.
4 Annie, married Samuel Doubert. They had no issue.
5 Marie
6 Jean, aged 10 on 16th December 1666. He married Marie Six about 1717. They had 3 daughters and 2 sons, but no grandchildren.
7 Esther, bapt 17th December 1685, died 1738. She married Paul Fourestier.
8 Jaques
9 William
10 Rachel
11 Benjamin, bapt 29th December 1695, died October 1737. He married Anne Wren, daughter of George Wren, minor Canon of Canterbury. She died 6th September 1775, aged 64.

Pierre was buried in St Peter's church in Canterbury.

Abraham Le Grand, the second son of Anthonie married twice. By his first wife Elizabeth Dombrain he had children:

1 Marie.
2 Elizabeth

By his second wife Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Knowler, batptized 2nd October 1721, he had children:

1 Mary, who married Edward Lord Chick.
2 Elizabeth, who married Sir William Fagg, Baronet.
3 Frances, who married John Hitchcock.
4 Helen
5 Abraham.
6 John, born in 1730.
7 Samuel.
8 William.

Benjamin, the son of Pierre Le Grand, and Anne had children:

1 George, a surgeon, was baptized in 1730 at All Saints in Canterbury. He died 27th February 1807 aged 77. On 15th November 1756 he married firstly Margaret Loftie, who died aged 33 on 20th February 1764, and by whom he had 6 children.. He married secondly on 7th May 1767 Anne Hayward, who died 15th March 1819, aged 84.
2 Anne, ob spinster.
3 Robert, who married Elizabeth Curling.
4 William, who was killed at the siege of Londicherry in September 1760

George and Margaret, his first wife, had children:

1 George Wren Le Grand, baptized in 1759 at St Andrew's Church, Canterbury, died 26th December 1835. He married Charlotte Unwin on 3rd February 1811 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London.

He married his 2nd wife Anne Hayward n May 1767. She died 15th March 1819. They had children:

1 Anna Maria, born 17th February 1768, died in Guernsey 9th November 1818. She married John Jacob
2 John, 'who had the old bible he gave to Carolina Wren'. In 1719 it is given to George Wren and then to Carolina Jacob. John married C Naylor. Born in 1769, he died without children 12th July 1845.
3 William, born 13th November 1770 and married Bridget Davy on 9th May 1809. He died on 3rd March 1845. She was born on 2nd October 1780 and died 30th March 1857. They had a son Arthur John, who died in India on 23rd April 1858 aged 39.
4 Edwin, died 15th February 1797 aged 24. He married Sarah Anne Clarke, daughter of the Rev Richard Clarke, who married secondly Robert Naylor. They had a daughter Sarah Anne, who married Edward Jacob RN, her cousin.

Anne died 15th May 1819 aged 84.

Robert, who married Elizabeth Curling, had children:

1 Benjamin, dsp.
2 Elizabeth, who married a Dr Hunter, of London.
3 Carolina Susanna, who married Patrick Shepherd.

4 Jane, who married William Lambert. They had children William, John and Jane.
5 Robert.
6 Anna Maria, who died in 1756.

William and Bridget had children:

1 William Davy, born at Canterbury 13th February 1810, died on 29th January 1876 at Herne Bay and buried at Old Herne churchyard.
2 Letitia, who married William Hunton of Port Alington.
3 Julia Anne, born 17th November 1813, died on 19th April 1867 and buried at Cool Banagher on 24th April of that year,
4 Carolina Jane, born 15th September 1815 at Belfast, died 27th December 1901.
5 Matilda Hayward, born 12th May 1817 at Canterbury, died 27th January 1893. She married Walter Burrows Nugent
6 Adelaide Crayford, born June 1818, died 15th September 1818.
7 Arthur John, born 16th December 1819 at Monastereven, Co Kildare. He married Kellie ? on 21st September 1852.
8 Anna Maria, born 25th May 1825 at Port Alington, died 3rd August 1892. She married first Mathew Foot on 18th December 1846, by whom she had a daughter Anna Legrand Foot, and second David Cullen on 18th March 1861.

Edwin and and Sarah Ann had children:

1 Sarah Ann, born 1795; she married Edward Jacob.
2 Edwina, died as an infant.


The above is taken from manuscript notes made by members of the Jacob and Legrand families in the period c1840-1915; much further information was extracted from an old family bible published in 1660. Also from notes complied by Prof E F Jacob in 1915 (Jacob MSS).


George Wren Le Grand was the son of George Le Grand. He was baptized in 1759 at St Andrews, Canterbury. He married Lydia White of London. They had children:

1 George Le Grand, born 1788, died 1850.
2 Lydia, born in 1789, died in 1820. She married Thomas Gribble.
3 John, born in 1790.
4 Peter, born in 1791.
5 Anna Maria, born 1797.

George Le Grand (1788 - 1850) lived in London. He married Charlotte Unwin. They had children:

1 Charlotte Wren Le Grand, baptized 27th August 1815 at St Giles, Camberwell.
2 George Wren Le Grand, baptized 4th May 1817 at St Giles, Camberwell. On 2nd July 1842, at St Peter's, Stepney, he married Mary Ann Rebecca Bishop.
3 William Le Grand, born 1819.
4 Constantine Le Grand, born 1821.
5 Arthur Wellington Le Grand, born 1825.
6 John Smith Le Grand. born at Newington, London in 1828, died 1860. He was a designer draughtsman with offices in Chancery Lane. In 1856 at Stepney he married Anne Elizabeth Harvey (who secondly married Moses Gilbert). They had children:

1 William Hervey Le Grand
2 John Wren Le Grand, born 29th January at Kennington. In 1884 at Great Yarmouth he married Ellen Bruce. They had a daughter Ellen Maud who was born at Great Yarmouth in 1884.
3 Anne Charlotte Le Grand, born September 1859 at Newington. In December 1890 at Poplar she married William Scotchmoor. They had children:

1 William Scotchmoor, born 1892
2 James Le Grand Scotchmoor, born 1894.

William Hervey Le Grand named above, was born on 22nd February 1858 at Newington, London, and died of TB in 1900 at Poplar. He married Kate Marian Spinks, born at Poplar in 1862. They had children:

1 William Gilbert Le Grand, born in 1885 at Poplar. He emigrated to Canada.
2 John Gilbert Le Grand, born in 1886 at Poplar. He married Grace Granham and they had at least one child Eunice.
3 Thomas Alfred Le Grand, born 29th February 188 at Poplar, died in 1967. He married Esther Margaret Bonner, born 20th July 1882 at Poplar, died January 1968. They had children:

1 John Bonner Le Grand, born 28th November 1919 at Poplar, died 7th February 1986. He has living descendants.
2 Jean Le Grand, born c 1921, died c1926 of diphtheria.

4 Kate Charlotte Le Grand, born 1889 at Poplar. She married a Mr Chinnick. They had a son William, who married Gladys -----. They have living descendants.
5 Frederick Charles Martin Le Grand, born 1st February 1894 at Poplar, died in 1975. He has living descendants.
6 Edith Louise Le Grand, died in 1900 at Poplar. She married James Kiggins. She has living descendants.

George Wren Le Grand, named above, and Mary Ann Rebecca Bishop had children:

1 Lydia Le Grand, baptized in 1851 at Lambeth. She married Francis Church (bapt 1853). They had a daughter Florence Isabel Church, baptized in 1873 at Peckham.
2 Florence Le Grand, baptized in 1856 at Winchester. She married Robert Bishop, who was born in 1852 at Hackney.
3 William Stove Le Grand, born in 1858 at Lambeth.
4 Emily Le Grand, born in 1863 at Peckham.
5 Christine Margaret Le Grand, born in 1870 at Peckham.

Arthur Wellington Le Grand, named above, was born in 1825. He married Agnes Susannah Bishop (1827-1897). They had children:

1 Frederick Le Grand, baptized in 1854 at Lambeth. He married Emily Bragger, born in 1852 at Clerkenwell. They had children:

1 Emily Agnes Le Grand, born in 1875 at Lambeth.
2 Frederick George Le Grand, born in 1875 at Westminster. He married Ada Spiers, born in 1883. They had children:

1 Florence May Le Grand, born in 1900 at Wandsworth
3 Charles Le Grand, baptized in 1889 at Battersea.
2 Edwin Le Grand, born in 1855 at Lambeth
3 Agnes Le Grand, baptized in 1860 at Lambeth


The continuation of this pedigree was kindly supplied to me by Claire Michelle Le Grand, who is a descendant of John Bonner Le Grand.