from the Isle of Thanet, in Kent
16th - 18th centuries
Compiled by Dr Teddy Church largely from the parish register of St Lawrence, Thanet

Alexander Long of St Lawrence, who married Susanna Copin on 4th March 1576. They had children:

1 Mary, baptized 13th Septermber 1579, and married by licence Robert Lyster, sailor, 25th January 1603
2 Nicholas, baptized 3rd April 1581, buried 20th July 1581.
3 Susanna, baptized 6th May 1582; she married Leodovicus Roger, gentleman, by licence 28th March 1611.
4 Alice , baptized 15th November 1584, and married William Grant on 23rd November 1609.
5 Katherine, baptized 21st May 1587.
6 Sarah, baptized 27trh December 1589, buried 7th December 1607.
7 George, of whom below.

George, a seman, baptized 12th November 1592, married Catherine, daughter of John Covill of Sandwich by licnece 7th June 1615. They had children:

1 Alexander, of whom below.
2 Mary, baptized 27th April 1617, and married Roger Hooper on 25th November 1639.
3 Michal, baptized 4th October 1618, and married James Saunders at Monkton on 22nd August 1639.
4 Mildred, baptized 26th November 1620, buried 28th August 1621.
5 Thomasin, baptized 13th January 1622, buried 19th March 1622.
6 George, baptized 7th December 1623, and married Parnell Davy on 13th December 1649. Dsp.
7 Robert, baptized 13th November 1625, and married Judith Brook on 27th November 1648.
8 Nicholas, baptized 30th September 1627.
9 John, baptized 3rd January 1630.
10 Richard, baptized 11th March 1632.
11 William, baptized 20th October 1633.
12 Sarah, baptized 8th November 1635.

Alexander, fisherman, baptized 8th September 1615, died 9th September 1708, buried 13th September 1708. He married Mercy, daughter of Richard Barbera, baptized 22nd October 1615, died 15th September 1702, buried 18th September 1702. They were married on 18th November 1639 and had children:

1 Richard, baptized 30th August 1640.
2 Mercy, baptized 27th May 1645.
3 Alexander, seaman, baptized 7th March 1647, buried 6th June 1731. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Gillow on 26th August 1672 at St Mary Bredin, Canterbury.
4 Katherine, baptized 31st August 1651.
5 George, seaman, baptized 21st August 1653, and married Elizabeth Wheeler of Sandwich by licence 12th December 1677.

They had other issue.