Declaration as to the pedigree of the MacDonald family, dated 6th February 1869

I Andrew Lothian MacDonald of Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland, sheriff of Stornoway, formerly as writer of Tobermory, County Argyl solemnly declare as follows:

1 On 11th August 1830 I was married at Glenmorven Cottage in the parish of Morven, county Argyl to Miss Susan Stewart, daughter of the late Duncan Stewart esquire of Achneon, county Argyl, then a collector of H M Customs at Dumfries. The marriage was celebrated by my late uncle the Right Reverend Bishop McDonald, Vicar Apostolic of the Western District of Scotland.

2 For the reasons last aforesaid... a certain Dr John MaCleod, minister of Morven refers to my said marriage.

3 The only children born of the said marriage between myself and Susan Stewart were John, Duncan Stewart, Christina Stewart and Andrew Lothian, being four children and no more.

4 The said John MacDonald was born 29th April 1831 and was baptized 3rd May 1831 in my dwelling house at Tobermory, as I know from having been present at such baptism.

5 The said Duncan MacDonald was baptized 25th May 1832 in my dwelling house at Tobermory as I know from being present at such baptism.

6 The said Christina Stewart MacDonald was born 28th October 1833 and she was baptized 29th October 1833 within my dwelling house at Tobermory.

7 On 30th November 1865 my said daughter Christina Stewart MacDonald spinster was married to John Archibald Chisholm (Tanner, Rope and Sailmaker) of Andross Street, Inverness,. at St Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel, Broughton Street, Edinburgh.

8 The said Andrew Lothian MacDoanld was born 28th January 1836 and he was baptized 13th February 1836 within my dwelling house at Tobermory.

9 My wife the said Susan died 26th December 1845.She was buried at the parish church of Portobello, county Midlothian on 30th December 1845, as I know from information furnished to me by Mr John MacDonald, now deceased, who resided in the neighbourhood.