Baptized 6th October 1766 - Died in November 1834


The son of Daniel Jacob of Buxhall, Suffolk, he was baptized at Barnham 6th October 1766, and died in November 1834. On 9th December 1796 he married Frances, daughter of Nathaniel Cockerill. She died in November 1837 at Gislingham. They had children:

1 Frances, baptized at Gislingham 19th April 1799, and buried there 22nd August 1803.
2 Elizabeth, baptized at Gislingham 24th November 1800. On 23rd August 1822 she married Frederick Nunn.
3 Mary, baptized at Gislingham 20th November 1802. She married twice, 1st Michael Cobb, 2nd George Brett.
4 Frances, baptized at Gislingham 14th June 1806. She married Jeremiah Mortimer and emigrated to Australia.
5 William, baptized at Gislingham 25th July 1807.
6 Nathaniel, baptized at Gislingham 13th July 1811, and died in 1877.
7 Harriet, baptized at Gislingham 27th December 1812. She married Ellis Finch, a miller.

Daniel was apprenticed at Pakenham Water Mill.


Pedigree compiled by Trevor Walker Jacob