Baptized 13th November 1811 - Died in 1877

A son of Daniel Jacob of Gislingham, he was baptized 13th November 1811, and died in 1877. In 1842, at Girton, Cambridgeshire, he married Anna Maria Yorke Youngman, daughter of William Youngman, farmer of Girton. She died in October 1863 aged 42 years. They had children:

1 William Youngman, baptized at Gislingham in August 1843, and was buried there in 1845.
2 William Youngman, baptized at Gislingham in June 1845, and buried there in 1884.
3 Thomas, baptized at Gislingham in September 1846, and dsp in the USA in 1886.
4 Anna, baptized at Gislingham in December 1847. On 14th September 1876 she married at Bowden, Cheshire, Charles Robert Dykes.
5 Nathaniel, baptized at Gislingham in December 1848, and buried there in 1849.
6 Nathaniel, baptized at Gislingham 19th January 1850, and died in Australia.
7 Daniel, baptized at Gislingham 3rd May 1851, and buried at Stowmarket 6th June 1928.
8 Robert, baptized at Gislingham in 1852, and died there in 1921.
9 Frederick, baptized at Gislingham in 1854, and died at Beckenham, Kent, in 1937.
10 John Jannings, baptied at Gislingham in 1858, and was buried at Rochdale in 1908.
11 Ellen Florence, baptized at Gislingham in 1859, and was buried at Colton in 1905. She married George Youngman Carter.

He worked successfully as a miller .


Pedigree compiled by Trevor Walker Jacob.
Gislingham parish registers.