Born in 1812 - Died 12th January 1858



A son of Prideaux Selby, he was born in 1812, and died on his way back to England in Paris on 12th January 1858. He was Queen's Advocate in Ceylon. He married Elizabeth Petronella of Bath, born on 10th June 1810, died on 12th May 1902. They had children:

1 Anne, died on 23rd May 1839 in Ceylon.
2 Mary Gertrude, born on 27th June 1840, died on 13th November 1920.
3 Elizabeth Petronella, born on 12 September 1841, died at Cawnpore, India, on 17th January 1910. She married Colonel Sydney Long Jacob.
4 Prideaux, born in 1844, died in Colombo, Ceylon, on 18th April 1875.
5 Anne Catherine, born on 7th September 1845, died at Colombo on 2nd October 1927. On 23rd December 1872 she married F.W. Byrde.
6 Catherine Maria, born on 19th February 1852, died on 16th August 1922.


Pedigree supplied by Helen Morgan