Born 10th October 1869 - Died 2nd December 1920

Reverend John Robert Burgin with his family.

A son of William Burgin and Elizabeth Elkington, he was born 10th October 1869 at Long Bennington, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, and died 2nd December 1920 of a heart attack, brought about by gassing in the trenches of the Somme battlefield. He was buried at Purewa cemetery, Auckland.

On 10th December 1896 he married Henrietta Jane, daughter of the Reverend William Penrose Woollcombe at Loudwater, Buckinghamshire. They had children:

1 Eric Woollcombe Burgin, born 4th July 1898 in Torquay, Devon, died 20th July 1984. in Napier, N.Z.
2 Irene, born 5th August 1900. She married Dakyns Haszard.
3 Mona.

Henrietta Burgin with her son Eric.

Information and photographs supplied by Nora Hall.