Born 13th November 1746 - Died 20th October 1818



The son of Joshua and Sarah Blanchard, he was born in Andover, Massachusetts, on 13th November 1746, and died in Wilton, New Hampshire, on 20th October 1818. He married Elizabeth Keyes, who was born on 7th April 1746, and died in Wilton on 14th July 1817. They had children:

1 Joshua Blanchard, born in Wilton on 8th July 1771.
2 Amos, born in Wilton on 14th January 1773.
3 Elizabeth, born in Wilton 3rd August 1776, and died on 23rd September 1777.
4 Eunice, born in Wilton 6th June 1778, and died there 4th January 1850. She married Jeremiah Abbott.
5 Ezra, born in Wilton 23rd March 1780.
6 Abel, born in Wilton 10th October 1782.
7 Rhoda, born in Wilton 7th November 1784.
9 Lydia, born in Wilton 5th November 1786.