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He married Rosalind, eldest daughter of Henry Deacon Allen.

By clicking on the first film icon below you will see a number of cine films, spliced together, taken in the period 1928 - 1932. They depict, in order, some shots of the Allen girls, followed by a soldiers' Gymkhana in Lucknow, India (1928). There follows clips of Cawnpore, Kashmir, Dal Lake, Srinagar, in India (1931). Thereafter some clips of Wynberg, South Africa; then views of Gorakpur, where Rosalind worked in the missionary centre for children rescued from temple prostitution (1932). Finally there are scenes of Agra and Sahabganj, India (1932).

By clicking on the second film icon you will see film of the post war period, some of which is c1956 and some of it in colour. It begins with unidentified oddments, showing views of the sea and a number of battleships. There follows a procession, which also is unidentified. The last piece of the film shows Jim and Paul Broomhall with their father Dr Benjamin Broomhall, the medical missionary who founded two hospitals in China before and after the First World War. Dr Jim Broomhall also established medical services in Nosuland in S.W.China before the Communist Revolution. Jim wrote a seven volume book describing the life and works of James Hudson-Taylor, the founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF). Amelia Hudson-Taylor, James's sister, married Benjamin Broomhall, the grandfather of Paul and Jim. Also in this family scene is Paul Broomhall junior (called Henry when younger), and Marion Broomhall's (now Myers') dog called Punch and another dog called Topper, formerly belonging to Peter Lehmann.

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