Baptized 1st April 1599 - Buried 15th November 1675

The third son of John Jacob of Cheriton and his wife Alice, he was baptized at Cheriton on 1st April 1599. He married Anne Brodnax and they had children:

1 Robert, baptized at Cheriton 25th November 1625, buried there on 19th November 1626.
2 Richard, baptized at Cheriton 28th March 1633.
3 Miles, baptized at Lyminge 17th November 1634.
4 Robert, baptized at Lyminge 27th September 1637.
5 Henry.

He was buried at Folkestone on 15th November 1675. His wife Anne was buried at Cheriton on 22nd March 1663.


1622 He was party to a deed of partition (BL, Add Ms 42659)
1622 He was party to a deed (ibid)
1629 He sold land in Cheriton to his brother Richard (BL, Add Ch 68438)
1629 Similar to above (BL, Add Ch 68439). Seal used depicts 'a bird close'.