of Cheriton

Baptized 17th April 1566 - buried 14th July 1600

He was a son of John Jacob of Cheriton. He and his wife Alice had children:

1 John, baptized at Cheriton on 9(?)th December 1593.
2 Richard, baptized at Cheriton on 26th December 1596.
3 Henry, baptized at Cheriton 1st April 1599.
4 Stephen, baptized at Cheriton on 1st April 1599.
5 Margaret, who married Thomas Jenkin at Cheriton on 8th March 1613.
6 Robert, baptized 8th March 1600.

An Inquisition Post Mortem was held on him in 1600 (NA, C142, 261/57); it gives details of land holdings in Cheriton. His sons John, Richard, Henry and Stephen are named as his heirs.

1588 He acted on behalf of John Herdson in a land sale (BL, Add Ch 68390)
1593 He was assessed in a Lay Subsidy for land he held in the 100 of Folkestone (NA, E179/126/417).
1594 A court roll for Newington shows him to have been a member of the homage there, but that he held no property (BL, Add Ch 68513). Similar entries occur right through to 1599.
1595 He was party to a deed (BL, Add Ms 68392)
1597-8 He was a sessor and was himself assessed for land he held in the 100 of Folkestone (NA, E179/127/521)