Kindly communicated to me by Stephen Woollcombe

Jakob Boehm, born in Wilchengen Schaffhausen, Germany c 1620. He had a son:

Jakob Boehm, born in Wilchengen, Schaffhausen, Germany c 1650. He moved to the Palatinate of Mennonite. He had a son:

Jakob Boehm, born in 1693. In 1712 moved to Lancaster County. He married Barbara Kendig and they had a son:

Martin Boehm
Martin Boehm

Martin Boehm, born 30th November 1725 in Lancaster County, and died 23rd March 1812. He became a noted Mennonite preacher. He married Eva Steiner (1734-1822) and they had children:

John Beam, born in 1755 in Lancaster county. He anglicized his name to Beam. In 1799 he moved to Black Creek in the Niagara peninsular, Canada, where he died in 1812. He married Barbara Walter, born in 1755 in Pennsylvania, and died in Black Creek 21st July 1851. He had a son:

Adam Beam, born 25th May 1783 in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and died 15th September 1863 at Black Creek. He married Catharine, born in Upper Canada in 1803, the daughter of Captain Jacob Gonder, an officer of the Lincoln Militia in the war of 1812 and in the 1837 rebellion. She bore 16 children between the age of 16 and 44, all of whom were born in the family homestead in Black Creek.

Their son Joseph Gonder Boehm, born 1st November 1844 at their Black Creek homestead (the 15th child), died 1st July 1918 drowned. He married Mary Ann Tytherleigh, born 1st December 1844 in England, and died in 1938 in Toronto. They had children:

1 Morris Stanley, born 14th December 1874 in Blackcreek, and raised in Elora; he later moved to Guelph, then Toronto, and died in 1947.
2 Charles Adam, 1877-1927. He married Alice Carthew.
3 Sidney Joseph, 1881-1918, he married Maud Rice and they had a son Carl.
4 Alice Mary, born in 188?, and died in 1960. She married Henry Chant.
5 Arthur Frederick, born in 1886, died in 1918.
6 Ralph, born in 1888.

Morris Stanley Boehm married Charlotte Eliza (Dolly), daughter of Dr Arthur Henry Paget MD. She born in 1869 in Elora, and died 16th January 1933 in Toronto. They had children:

1 Dorothy Paget, born 4th January 1899 in Toronto, died 22nd March 1990 in Ottawa. She married George Andrew Woollcombe.
2 Charlotte Mary, born 22nd January 1902, and died 8th May 1965. She married G R McBride
3 Alice ‘Zoe’ Elizabeth, born in 1907, died in 19th January 1986. She married A H Fitzgerald.