18th - 19th centuries

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William Paget MD, H M Surgeon 48th Regt Cornwall, stationed in Canada 1761. He fought in the revolutionary war and was taken prisoner by Spaniards in the West Indies. Finally returned to England where he died in the county of Devon in 1825. He married Mary Elizabeth Doubleday, daughter of Robert Doubleday of Topsham, Devon; she died in Bombay, India, on 10th May 1828. They had issue:

Robert John Paget MD, born 28th October 1792 in Exeter, Devon. He moved to Canada in 1838, where he initially practised in Toronto, next in York Mills and finally in Thornhill. He died in 1860. He married Marianne Blockley and they had issue:

Arthur Henry Paget MD, born 6th December 1832 in Tenby, England, and moved with his parents to Canada in 1838. He died 1st March 1928. He married Charlotte Lord Brady, born in the county of Cork, Ireland, in 1833 and died in Elora, Canada in 1914. She was the daughter of Captain James Brady of 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers who moved to Elora about 1837 and who married Eliza, daughter of the Reverend John Lord of Mitchellstown, Ireland. Arthur and Charlotte had issue:

1 Elizabeth, born in1860, died in 1935.
2 Arthur, born in 1861, died in 1926.
3 Frederick H, who married Amelia MacLean.
4 James P.
5 Charlotte Eliza (Dolly), born in Elora in 1869, died in Toronto on 16th January 1933. She married Morris Stanley Boehm.
6 Ernest A, born in 1872.
7 Amy Kathleen, born in 1875, died in 1965.