William Bowde married Alice ------.

Their daughter Alice Bowde married John Archmore.

Their daughter Agnes married firstly John Betre of Micheldew, secondly she married Guido Arguo.

Their daughter Joan married John Bolney of Bolney in Sussex.

Their son Bartholemew Bolney (fl 1476) married Eleanor, daughter of Robert Polreswell of Nether Oveney.

Their second daughter Agnes Bolney married William Cage of Firle.

Their son Sir John Cage KG married Phillipa daughter of Sir Richard Guilford KG.

Their daughter Alice Cage married Sir Anthony Browne KG.

Their daughter Mabel Browne married Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare.

Their son Gerald Lord Offaley married Katherine Knolles, sister of the Viscount Wallingford.

Their only daughter and heiress Lettice Fitzgerald married Sir Robert Digby of Kent (died in 1618).

Their third son the Right Reverend Essex Digby, Lord Bishop of Dromore, married Thomasine, daughter of Sir William Gilbert of Kilminchy.

Their daughter Jane Digby married Patrick French of Monivae, Galway.

Their son Robert French of Monivae, MP for county Galway, married Nichola Acheson, daughter of Sir Arthur Acheson, afterwards Lord Gosford.

Their daughter Anne French (fl 1768) married Sir Lucius O’Brien.

Their daughter Charlotte Sophia O’Brien married the Honourable Reverend Gerard Noel.

Their daughter Anna Sophia Noel married the Reverend Philip Jacob, Archdeacon of Winchester.


A manuscript written in the late 19th century by a descendant of Philip Jacob, Archdeacon of Winchester, who was related to this family. The information contained therein, however, has not been verified.