Born 29th May 1850 - Died 11th October 1941


A son of William Beale Jacob, he was born 29th May 1859, and died 11th October 1941. On 17th September 1885 he married Susan Pim Wigham, who was born 22nd May 1859. They had children:

1 Gladys Mary, born 10th July 1888, and died 13th March 1939. On 15th June 1911 she married Bayldon Barber.
2 An infant son, born 3rd May 1890, and died 4th May of that year.
3 Sylvia Hannah, born 23rd March 1892, died 2nd July 1922.
4 Olive Susan, born 17th March 1894, and died 23rd September 1896.
5 Winifred Ruth, born 15th August 1899. She married Samuel Pim on 23rd February 1925.