Born 17th August 1825 - Died 5th August 1902


Taken in 1900 at Ballybrack House on the occasion of William Beale and Hannah's golden wedding anniversary.
From left to right, back row: Charles, Susan holding Winifred, George, Harold, Dora, Dr Henry William, Charlotte, Albert and Mary.
Middle row: Mary, William Beale, Hannah Newsom, Helena, Isabella Miller (nee Jacob), Howard Jack Miller.
Seated on ground: Sylvia, Gladys, Thomas Miller, Kathleen (Kitty) Miller.
Curtesy of Duncan Jeffries Brimmell


A son of Isaac Thomas Jacob, he was born 17th August 1825 at Waterford, and died 5th August 1902 at Ballybrack. On 1st August 1850 he married Hannah Hill Newsom. She was born 29th July 1819, and died 29th November 1906. They had children:

1 Robert Henry, born 15th September 1853, died 1st January 1871.
2 George Newsom, born 13th June 1854.
3 Isabella, born 13th April 1856, died 3rd July 1928. She married Thomas Millar.
4 Helena, born 1st May 1861
5 Charles Edwin, born 29th May 1859.
6 Henry William, born 3rd September 1865, died 25th September 1928. He married Lucy Bewley.
7 William Frederick, born 15th September 1853
8 Albert Edward, born 21st January 1858, died 26th February 1929.

Early in their married life they lived over their bakery in Bridge Street, Waterford. They had a good trade in bread and made ships' biscuits and large plain waterbiscuits. Baking of sweet biscuits was started in 1851 when Richard S Haughton joined William and a shop on the quays was opened. William wished to develop the business and a shop on the quays was opened. Thereafter premises in Bristol and Liverpool were sought, but finally he decided on an old coach factory in Peters Row, Dublin. They moved to Dublin in 1852. They lived in various premises before eventually settling in Ballybrack House, Ballybrack.




Information supplied by Duncan J Brimmell
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