Baptized 15th April 1737 - Buried 20th August 1781


The son of Isaac Jacob and Susanna Watson, he was baptized 15th April 1737, and buried 20th August 1781. He married Hannah Strangman. on 31st August 1751 at Mount Mellick. She was aptized 25th December 1737, and buried 21st March 1781 at Cork. She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Hutchinson) Strangman. They had children:

1 Sarah, baptized 7th June 1759, buried 8th November 1779 at Grange West.
2 Elizabeth, baptized 4th August 1763, buried 21st May 1764
3 Joseph, baptized 1st February 1766, buried 26th August 1774.
4 Elizabeth, baptized 23rd February 1776, buried 27th April 1837.
5 Female, born in 1774, died in 1774.
6 Richard, baptized 28th June 1758, buried 20th August 1810. He married Mary, daughter of Thomas Greer.
7 Susanna, baptized 25th December 1764, uried 6th January 1838. In 1796 she married John Lecky.
8 Mary, who married William White.
9 Anne, baptized 10th June 1777, buried 5th January 1826.
10 Lydia, baptized 19th May 1779, buried 15th February 1844. On 16th December 1804 she married Joseph Grubb.
11 Joshua, baptized 7th December 1772, buried 23rd January 1841. He married Elizabeth White of Cork.
12 Hannah, baptized 8th June 1767. She married Robert Grubb on 15th March 1804.
13 Isaac, baptized 26th November 1760, buried 16th March 1837. On 25th March 1792 he married Jane Taylor of North Shields.
14 Thomas Strangman, baptized 30th April 1762 at Waterford, died at New Ross 23rd May 1828.
15 Samuel Watson, baptized 5th September 1798, died 12th October 1840 at Clonmell.

He was a shipbroker and shipping agent. The company was called Jacob, Watson and Strangman