Born 2nd November 1770 - Died 12th October 1840


A son of Joseph Jacob, he was born 2nd November 1770, and died 12th October 1840. On 5th September 1798 at Clonmel he married Hannah Jackson, who was born 25th June 1767, and died 25th June 1824. They had children:

1 Mary Jackson, born 14th May 1808 at Clonmel, and died 19th January 1895.
2 Thomas Jackson, born 2nd November 1807 at Clonmel, died in 1872 at Kilkenny.
3 William Strangman, born 25th June 1803 at Clonmel.
4 Joshua, born 28th November 1801 at Clonmel, died 15th November 1877 at Clondalkin.
5 Samuel, born 25th June 1803 at Clonmel, died in 1890.
6 Joseph, born 5th December 1799 at Clonmel, died 9th January 1841.